Friendship Rings

Do you have a best friend that you love so much that you want to get a special gift for them?

If you're lucky enough to have that special BFF, then you know that there's something special about them and you want to show that off.

So what happens whenever you're stuck and don't know what to get them? 

Let us introduce you to custom friendship jewelry.

Custom jewelry is the new hot trend in gifts for your best friends. How cool would it be to see your friend open your present and gasp in surprise at how cute their gift is?

Well. Let's chat about why custom jewelry is so meaningful and then we'll discuss some great ideas for ways to customize your jewelry to suit your special friendship. 

Why is custom jewelry gift so meaningful?

Gifts that mean something are just better. We’ve all received uninspired gifts. It’s the whole, “yeah...thanks…” kind of feeling we try to steer clear from when we gift stuff to our friends and family.

So what’s so dang special about custom jewelry?

For starters, no one else will have your design except for you and your bestie. This is the ultimate way to memorialize your friendship. But here are some other reasons.

Custom Jewelry Can Evoke a Memory

What’s awesome about custom jewelry is its power to evoke memories and cause a serious case of nostalgia to waft in the air.

You know that inside joke that you just can’t not laugh at when it’s brought up? Treat your BFF to a memorable gift that will last a lifetime. Etch your inside joke into a ring or necklace pendant, and you’re all set.

Or, you can do something as simple as putting both of your initials on a piece. Maybe add a heart? Or something else that signifies your type of friendship.

Other memories you can immortalize on custom jewelry include:

  • The month or year that you met your best friend
  • If you have similar birthdays, etch that on a ring with your initials
  • A quote that means a lot to both of you
  • Memorialize a friend that’s passed away on a bar necklace you both wear

Custom Jewelry is Unique To Your Friendship

No one is quite like your bestie. Or, if you’re just all-that, you may have multiple besties.

Either way, custom jewelry really stands out and takes people aback when they receive such a specialized gift.

While it’s all great to just buy similar pieces to wear, you can really pump up the feels by customizing your BFF jewelry. That way you know for a fact that only you and your pal own those pieces.

Custom Jewelry Let’s You Gift for a Lifetime

If you end up getting a custom pendant or disk necklace, you’ll come to find out that you have struck gold (or silver, ha!).

That’s because when you base a gift on pendants and disks, you’re opening up the possibility to add on additional ones throughout the course of your friendship. Sooo...why not invest in something like that? Seems to just make sense.

Custom Jewelry Gift Ideas for Friends

Your friends make the world go round. For some of us, our friends are part of our family. That’s why we care so much when trying to decide on a gift for them. Here are some gift ideas for your best friends that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Friendship Rings

Custom Signet Rings

Signet rings have made a comeback in recent years.

You may think of them as those bulky heirloom pieces that kings and queens used to wear, or you may have your class signet ring.

What’s great is there are a ton of styles when it comes to signet rings so you have more options than the more male-forward version people tend to think about.

Gift ideas for best friend signet rings include:

  • A square signet rings with both of your names on it or a short quote.
  • A personalized bar ring with your names on one each and gift to your BFF.
  • A pinky promise signet ring to always remember that promise you made to each other.

Custom Bar Rings

While a bar ring could technically be called a signet ring, we like to think of it as its own special kind of personalized jewelry piece.

This is such an awesome dainty yet mighty gift that your BFF will just fall in love with. You can engrave their name, their birthdate, or even their kid’s initials directly onto the bar.

What sets bar rings apart is that they look great on any finger. Many of us like to wear bar rings on our index fingers, or even your third or pinky fingers.

And, you can get one of these babies in either a smaller size or a larger, more prominent one.

Custom Disk Rings

Okay, I know we said bar rings are on the dainty side, but what until you discover the disk ring. These little beauties look fab with just a single initial or symbol. Why not put a heart, a sun, or a moon symbol on it?

Or, if you have a more holy type of BFF, you could get a cross on there as well.

Is your bestie a dog lover? Cool. Engrave a puppy paw on a disk ring for ultimate cuteness.

If you’re looking for a way to make your friend go “awww,” then the custom disk ring is the way to go.

You can even double or triple these up on one finger to really stack on the personality.

Friendship Necklaces

Custom Necklaces

Bar necklaces and pendants are the new it thing.

So it makes a great gift for your number-one friend. Get a necklace that either has a horizontal bar attached to a chain necklace on either side, or grab a few bar pendants on a chain necklace. This latter design is great when you wanna fit more than one name into a single custom gift.

Is your BFF a military wife or just a badass? Try customizing a dog tag pendant that comes with a necklace.

You can stick with the pendant theme by choosing different pendant and disk materials and shapes. For example, if you don’t like larger pendants, get a smaller disk to etch in your memory. Or, go for an oval custom necklace if that matches the personality of your best friend better.

Make sure you also get a material that will last your BFF a lifetime like 18-karat gold or sterling silver.

No matter what style necklace you choose, you can always add additional pendants and disks for a complete look or as additional gifts later on. So it’s kind of like an investment and makes your gift-giving life a little easier!

Custom Jewelry Gifts are the Best for Besties

Your custom friendship jewelry gift will be so successful that your best friend may just turn around and buy one for you, too!

At Rellery, we only use the best of precious metals to lovecraft meaningful jewelry for everyday wear. And, we do so without charging you an arm and a leg. That’s because we said “no” to pushy salespeople who are trying to collect a huge commission.

Our ethical pieces are made right here in the U.S. You won’t find a better place for best-friend level custom jewelry gifts.