You’re expecting a new bundle of joy and can’t wait to tell your friends and family about whether it’s a boy or girl. You’re probably getting pestered from all sides of the family who want to know whether to get pink or blue for the new arrival. 

Since gender reveal parties are becoming extremely popular, long gone are the days when you would simply just start a telephone tree to let everyone know if you’ll be bringing home a boy or a girl.

Because of the popularity of gender reveal parties, many different variations and unique takes have been springing up all over the place. It seems everyone is constantly coming up with new and fun ways to reveal the gender of their new baby in exciting ways. We’ve compiled a list of ways you, too, can have a unique gender reveal party that will wow your friends and family and keep them talking about it for years to come. 

Pillow Fight

One great and fun way everyone can get in on a gender reveal is a good old fashioned pillow fight. Take one pillow and stuff it with feathers or stuffing materials the color of the baby’s gender while the other pillows are stuffed with normal white filling or feathers. Separate the parties into teams and tell them one of the pillows is filled with colored stuffing that is the color of the baby’s gender. 

Have your friends and family hit each other with pillows until the one that has the colored filling finally burst open. If you really want to make it a fun challenge, give the person who had the gender reveal pillow a gift or treat as a reward for revealing the baby’s gender. 

Piñata Reveal

Who doesn’t love piñatas? 

This traditional birthday party staple can also be converted into a gender reveal for your party as well. Like you would with a birthday party piñata, stuff it with either candy, presents, or even toys that are either all blue or all pink. 

The idea is that when it bursts open, the color will be obvious and reveal the baby’s gender. Have everyone take turns blindfolded hitting the piñata until it finally bursts open, and everyone sees whether it’s a boy or girl. This is a delightful way to get everyone involved in the fun of revealing that baby’s gender. 

Scratch Off Cards

If something a little more laid back is more your style, you can design your own type of scratch-off card for your guests to play and see the baby’s gender. 

You can either play it straight and have everyone scratch off the card at once, or you can make it a game and make things more interesting. This is also a great way to include family and friends that live far away for fun. Simply mail it to them, and they’ll be in for a delightful surprise once they receive it. 

Name Engraved Necklaces

If your gender reveal is going to have mainly women or jewelry-lovers, a great way to reveal your baby’s gender is with a name engraved necklace as a party gift. 

This precious and timeless keepsake is especially great if you are having an intimate gender reveal with the grandparents or close family members. As a party favor, give them the engraved name of the baby and use that as a unique way to reveal the baby’s gender. 

Candle Reveal

If you’re looking for a slow burn type of anticipation building reveal, you can also get a candle that will slowly burn away to reveal the baby’s gender. 

Get a candle or even a couple of candles that are designed to burn until it reveals a blue or pink color. Either place them around the party or have a single one up and center where all the guests can see. You can also make it into a fun party game where the first person to spot what color the candle burns to get a prize.

Charm Bracelets

Another intimate party favor for a gender reveal is to get a simple and elegant charm bracelet that has the letter “B” for boy or “G” for girl that you can gift to your close family members at your gender reveal. 

You can also get personalized bracelets that have cute sayings such as “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!” engraved on them as well. This is especially great for the grandparents, particularly the grandmothers, of the new baby. They can wear it and show it off to all of your friends and other family members. 

You can even have the baby’s name engraved along with it so they can cherish it forever. 

Gender Reveal Balloon Pop

Going back to a more interactive party idea; doing a gender reveal with a balloon pop is also a lot of fun for your party guests. Set up either a corkboard or a stand that can easily catch darts. 

Select one color of balloons and fill them with paint or a liquid that will show either bright pink or bright blue. Have everyone taking turns throwing the darts, and the first one to hit one will reveal the baby’s gender. If you want to make it more challenging, set the board with balloons further away or make your guests do silly things before they throw the dart (like turn around in a circle three times before they throw the dart, or throw it with their non-dominant hand). This will really amp up the fun and prolong the reveal, making the anticipation palpable. 

Silly String Fight

Silly string fights are messy, good fun, and a great gender reveal party idea. 

Select whichever the baby’s gender is, either blue or pink, and wrap the cans in decorative wrapping paper, so no one will know what color it is. Have everyone spray the silly string at once and enjoy your messy and fun gender reveal with your party guests. 

Personalized Rings

If you’re thinking about doing a reveal with jewelry, getting a personalized ring that you can either gift to intimate family members or give as a party favor to your guests is also a great way to do a unique gender reveal. 

Like with the other jewelry engravings, either engrave “B” for boy or “G” for girl so your recipients will be surprised when they open their party favor. You can even put this inside a bath bomb or a candle if you want to play the long con with the reveal. Just be sure you properly secure the ring in the candle or bath bomb so it doesn’t get damaged.

Bath Bombs

If you’re more of the science experiment type, a gender reveal bath bomb is also a neat way to reveal your baby’s gender. You can either set up a tub or tiny pool of water and drop the bath bombs into the water yourself, revealing the color of the baby’s gender, or you can have everyone participate by having them drip the bath bombs they received at the beginning of the party into their own tubs or containers of water. 

Having your party guests in on the fun will have everyone talking about this gender reveal for years. As a bonus present for your guest, send them home with extra bath bombs as a party favor. 

Have Fun With Your Gender Reveal Party

With all the different ways you can celebrate revealing the gender of your new baby, it would almost be a disservice if you didn’t throw a fun and unique gender reveal party. Having a gender reveal party is a great way to get together with friends and family for one last hurrah before the new bundle of joy arrives. 

Get creative with these ideas, and have fun with it. You may even create your own party idea in the process. Either way, your family and friends will love whatever you come up with.