Congratulations, you’re getting hitched! We are so excited about your upcoming nuptials, and we’re sure you have a lot of planning to do, from ordering the cake, squaring away the venue, saying yes to the dress, and everything else that falls in between. 

Planning a wedding can be a stressful but exciting time in your life, but you’ve got your squad as your bridesmaids to help you out, especially the day of the wedding where they are going to a huge lifesaver by helping you get into your dress and gassing you up for the big day.

Since your bridesmaids are such amazing and special people in your life, you’re probably already thinking about what kind of gifts to give them. It’s most likely buried underneath all the other planning you need to get done, so you understandably haven’t put too much thought into it. 

However, we’re here to save the day and detail how much you should spend on their gifts, when to give them, and everything else you will need when selecting your bridesmaids’ gifts. So, let’s tick off one box on your wedding to-do list and dive right in. 

When You Should Start Shopping

First off, you’re probably thinking about when you should start shopping for your bridesmaid gifts. Like scheduling the wedding venue, or picking out a cake and even the catering, these things have pretty strict timelines if you want to make sure everything is lined up for your wedding day. 

For bridesmaids gifts, there really isn’t as strict of a timeline. However, the general rule of thumb is the earlier, the better.

With everything you’ve got going on with the wedding planning, it’s best to go ahead and square away the gifts as it will be considerably a lot easier to get done than everything else you have to plan for. You don’t want to wait until the last minute because you want to give yourself enough time to find something exceptional for your bridesmaids. So, the rule of thumb is to start selecting your gifts as soon as they’ve all said yes to your bridesmaid proposal. 

How Much Should You Spend?

Now that you have moved “Bridesmaids Gifts” to the top of that ever-growing wedding to-do list, the next big question is how much should you spend on a bridesmaids gift. 

As a general rule, you should expect to spend anywhere from $75 - $150 on each bridesmaid. This will ensure that you are picking out something truly special and of high-quality for their gift. Another deciding factor for the range of cost for the gift is considering that your bridesmaids may be flying out, driving, or contributing financially in other ways. You want to make sure you show them appreciation for coming out for the bachelorette party and the big day.

What You Should Give Them

Now that you have a general idea of what to spend on your bridesmaids, you can start planning what type of gift to give them. This will definitely require some thought on your end because you want to make sure you give them something thoughtful and special. 

The following are great recommendations for gifts all of your bridesmaids will absolutely love.

  • Personalized jewelry - Nothing will make your girls feel special than getting them engraved jewelry that will make them feel just as special on your wedding day. One great option for personalized jewelry includes engraving their initials on either a necklace, ring, or bracelet. You can also choose to get them necklaces or bracelets with their individual birth flower or even a friendship pendant on it. Whichever engraving you decide to choose, know that giving them a piece of personalized jewelry that is uniquely for them will definitely be cherished
  • Gift Crate - If you are crazy about bundled gift packages, and your bridesmaids are too, definitely look into creating a gift crate. Gift crates are great bridesmaids gifts because you can cultivate any type of gift bundle you’d like. Whether you would like to create an individualized gift crate for each of your bridesmaids that has something they uniquely like or if you want to create one that includes a little bit of something everyone else likes along with some items that didn’t know they would, gift crates are a lot of fun for you and the bridesmaids. If you’re not sure where to start, try crafting one that has luxury items, like candles, spa day gift cards, or even some decadent treats for them to indulge in. 
  • Monogrammed items as gifts - Want something to give to your bridesmaids that is literally for them? Try getting them useful or even whimsical items that have their names monogrammed on it. This can include anything from monogrammed luxury throw blankets, cell phone cases, hair ties, you name it! Most things can be monogrammed; you just have to find what you think your bridesmaids will like best.

Keep in mind that you will want to give your bridesmaids something that they can use past the day of your nuptials. You want to focus on getting them something they can use for themselves. 

Although getting matching “Bridesmaids” and “Bride” clothing and robes are cute and fun, they are really only meant for the day of the wedding and really can’t be worn afterward. Select something they can use always, making it that much more special.

Finding the perfect bridesmaid gift doesn’t have to be another thing you fret over when planning your wedding. Although it takes some thought, you know deep down you know what your besties like, so use that and have some fun picking out their gifts. If anything, you’ll likely find this part of your wedding process probably the most fun of all. 

When You Should Give Them

Now that you have picked out the gifts for your bridesmaids, the grand finale is giving it to them. You may be wondering if there is a certain protocol or tradition, like with most wedding planning, for when the best time to give them the gift is. There are definitely a couple of ways you can do this, and it all depends on you and your schedule. 

Traditionally, brides would give bridesmaids their presents at the rehearsal dinner, and usually towards the end of the rehearsal dinner at that. The bride will give a toast and then present them with their bridesmaid’s gifts, one by one. 

However, if you’re not one for tradition or want to create one on your own, you definitely can do that as well. Some non-traditional ways to give your bridesmaids their presents include the following:

  • Bridal luncheon - A bridal luncheon is also a great time to give your bridesmaids their gifts. The bridal luncheon is supposed to be a more casual and a little bit of a reprieve for the bride to get together with her bridesmaids and even her mother and mother-in-law too. Since this is supposed to be a fun and relaxed event for the bride, it would definitely put everyone in even better spirits to give the bridesmaids gifts then.
  • The bachelorette party - As literally everyone knows, the bachelorette party is the ultimate time for the bride and her bridesmaids to let loose and have some fun. This gives the bride a chance to break away from the wedding planning and to celebrate with her bridal party. This would also be a great time to give out the bridesmaid’s gifts since it would definitely be in the spirit of doing so. 

Whether you’d like to stick to traditional or create a new one, there is definitely wiggle room for when to give your bridesmaids their gifts. You certainly can do it during the wedding festivities or even individually. The choice and what works best for you and your bridesmaids is up to you. 

Your Bridesmaids Deserve To Feel Just As Special

Your bridesmaids are doing you a solid by committing to being there for you and helping out when they can on your big day. By showing them your appreciation with a thoughtful gift, you are solidifying why you chose them to stand by your side on your special day. 

Now that you have a guide for your bridesmaid gift shopping, you’ll surely leave them speechless with the gifts you decide to give them.