With the holidays quickly approaching, especially Christmas, you may be ahead of the game already by planning on which gifts to give to who this year. It can be a daunting task for some, finding that perfect present for Christmas, especially for someone as special as your mom. 

Your mom undoubtedly deserves the world, and we definitely agree, so shopping to find her something special for Christmas is a very sacred occasion.

We’re here to help by taking out some of the guesswork on what to get your mom for Christmas this year. We love our moms, but sometimes they're not the best at telling us exactly what they want. 

We get that they’re being humble, even though they shouldn’t be, so we’ve compiled some gift suggestions for you to consider when selecting an exceptional gift for your mother for Christmas. 

Birth Flower Grow Kit

Did you know that everyone has a birth flower that is representative of the month that they were born in? It’s actually quite fascinating as each month has a different flower associated with it. For example, if you were born in November, your birth flower would be a chrysanthemum, also known as mums. Or, if you were born in December, your birth flower would be the holly flower.

Selecting a birth flower grow kit for your mother as a Christmas present is a very special way of honoring her birth flower. Most birth flower grow kits come in a variety of kits based on experience, all of which range from seeds to starter kits. Gifting her a birth flower grow kit will show her just how special she is by giving her a gift that is uniquely her. 

Custom Artwork

If you are looking for something more DIY, consider looking into custom artwork as a Christmas present. This will be a great opportunity for you to create something truly special that your mom will cherish and keep for a lifetime. 

If you feel as if maybe you don’t necessarily have the talents for artwork, try crafting a gift instead. 

For example, you could easily create a shadow box, which is typically a small box made out of glass and wood that you could fill with special trinkets, pictures, or other items that represent your mom or thing she loves. Some ideas for shadow boxes include the following:

  • Wedding or anniversary
  • Favorite vacation spot
  • Children or grandchildren
  • Favorite music or band
  • Hobbies

With shadow boxes, the more personal, the better. Really get to know what your mom really likes and turn it into a piece of art that she will love to have. And the best thing about making artwork for your mom? It doesn’t matter how good it is because she will love it anyway, just like the fridge museum that held your childhood art.

Meaningful Jewelry

If jewelry would be more in line with your mom’s style, definitely consider getting her personalized jewelry with engravings that she can have as a keepsake. 

One of the most endearing aspects of personalized jewelry is that she can wear forever and pass it down as a generational heirloom, making it part of her lasting legacy. If you’re not sure what type of jewelry would be best, check out the following as great options for engravings:

  • Bar necklace - This timeless and minimalistic jewelry piece is a wonderful selection for personalized jewelry. The simple shape of the bar pendant allows you to engrave anything you like to make it personal for mom. You can engrave her initials, a phrase or saying that is special to her, or even her full name with accented simple shapes to make it a really unique piece.
  • Zodiac rings - This popular trend in personalized jewelry takes your mom’s zodiac sign and engraves it either on a solid band or signet ring. Since a zodiac, like the birth flower, is based on your birth, this is certainly a piece she can always wear and will definitely look modern but also timeless. This is a great gift for any mom as everyone is assigned a zodiac sign at birth and would even be an exceptional gift for all the astrology-loving and horoscope-reading moms everywhere. 
  • Birth flower necklace - Speaking of birth flowers, a necklace showcasing your mom’s birth flower on a pendant is also a great gift to give to her. Once you find out what her birth flower is, you can have the image engraved in an oval or circle pendant that she can show off on a simple chain. Although a birth flower necklace is a wonderful gift for any mom, if your mom has a green thumb, she will certainly fawn over this gift even more. 

Meaningful jewelry is always the way to go when getting your mom something special that she can wear all the time. The timelessness of personalized jewelry makes giving it as a gift to your mom even more captivating. 

Her wearing it will not only be a reminder of the love and bond between you but will show the rest of the world just how unique and wonderful she is. And that alone makes this a great gift choice. 

Personalized Mug

If your mom is a coffee drink or tea lover, a personalized coffee mug is a great Christmas present. 

There are various ways you can personalize a coffee mug for your mom. This may include pictures of you both together or with other family members, her spoiled pets, or from significant moments from her life like her wedding, honeymoon, or a vacation she loves to reminisce about. 

You can also personalize a mug to have a favorite or meaningful quote or saying or even her pet’s paw prints. Personalizing a mug is like a blank canvas; you can essentially put anything on it to make it special. Whatever you choose to put on her new favorite mug, it will be a reminder during her morning coffee or evening tea of just how much you truly appreciate and love her.

Wireless and Portable Printer

One thing all moms love is pictures of you, other family members, and even their pets. If you have a tech-savvy mom that has millions of photos on her phone but doesn’t have a way to print them off, definitely consider getting her a wireless and portable printer. 

Most wireless and portable printers are easy to use and can even hook up to a smartphone to print off pictures. Make sure you get her some glossy or matte-finish printing paper so it will look like it was produced by a professional when she prints it off.

This is a great gift for moms who love to have physical photo albums to share with friends or family as we know that sometimes sharing photos on a smartphone doesn’t give you that nostalgic feel like an album does. 

This is also great for moms who love to make scrapbooks for themselves and others and can definitely save her a trip and money from a printing company. We’re sure she’ll love having her own printer in her home to print and cherish all of her pictures.

Make Mom Feel Special This Christmas

Make this year’s Christmas extra special by choosing one or all of these great gift recommendations. Our awesome moms do so much for us, and if you are a mom yourself, you certainly understand it is a tough but rewarding job. However, no matter what gift you choose for her, we know your mom is absolutely going to love it. Happy shopping!