The definition of dainty means anything that is delicately small and pretty. This definition is the essence of what dainty jewelry is, which is any piece that is subtle and attractive. And it certainly has come a long way

Although it may be small in size, dainty jewelry can make a huge impact on your overall look and style. Especially now more than ever, dainty jewelry is all the craze and is the mascot for the minimalist jewelry movement. Dainty jewelry is here to focus less on the piece itself and to accentuate the wearer instead.

If you’re one to shy away from bulkier and loud jewelry pieces and feel like you don’t have many options for subtle jewelry, dainty jewelry seems like the right choice for you. Although there is certainly nothing wrong with wearing bigger pieces, it can sometimes look cheap, whereas dainty jewelry gives off a sophisticated look. 

We’re breaking down what exactly dainty jewelry pieces are and the best ways you can wear it and incorporate it into your look. Check out below to learn more about this new trend in subtle style jewelry. 

What Is Not Considered Dainty Jewelry

Before you start curating your dainty jewelry collection, it’s good to review what style of jewelry isn’t considered a dainty piece so you can keep them separate for this specific collection. The following types of jewelry do not fall into the dainty category.

  • Bulky or chunky pieces - Anything, whether necklaces, bracelets, or earrings, that consists of multiple large pendants or pieces that make it seem large on the body.
  • Bright and bold colors - The goal of dainty jewelry is to be unassuming and delicate; any jewelry pieces that consist of bright and bold colors like neon are definitely not dainty pieces.

Definitely ditch or set aside these types of pieces of jewelry. Although there is certainly a time, place, and occasion for when to wear this type of jewelry, they won’t accentuate the dainty look you are going for. With that said, let’s turn our attention to what is considered dainty pieces of jewelry. 

What Is Considered Dainty Jewelry

Dainty jewelry is considered to be pieces that do not have bold pendants or colors. 

Instead, they typically consist of simple and elegant chains that have a very small and equally classic pendant, such as a pearl or a diamond. However, dainty jewelry is not limited to just single pearl and diamond necklaces. You can also wear them as earrings, bracelets, and rings. Dainty jewelry operates on the fact that less is more. 

Types Of Dainty Jewelry

There are many different types of dainty jewelry pieces that you can choose from. Dainty jewelry creates an effortlessly chic look on the wearer no matter what piece they decide to wear. See below examples of exceptional types of dainty jewelry.

  • Birth flower necklaces - An engraved birth flower pendant on an unassuming gold chain is a great type of dainty jewelry. The simple chain gives it a subtle appearance, while the intricate engraving of the flower makes it aesthetically eye-catching. It also draws attention to your best features, such as your neck and collarbone as it drapes down. This mixture of small and pretty makes it an excellent choice for your dainty jewelry collection. 
  • Single charm bracelets - Although too many charms on a bracelet can seem gaudy, and are definitely not pieces of jewelry that fall under the dainty jewelry collection, a single charm on a simple chain bracelet definitely does. To add to the small and pretty appeal, go for a charm that is simple in design like simple shapes such as hearts, stars, or even a geometric shape like a crescent moon. You can also use single letters to engrave on your charm to give it a unique touch. 
  • Huggie earrings - Huggie earrings are a type of subtle hoop earrings that typically wrap, or “hug,” around the earlobe or other areas of the ear. These are very popular styles of hoops because, unlike their predecessor, they are not large and bold. They are typically either solid color bands or consist of small beads compiled along the band. Some huggie earrings also consist of a dangling chain where small pieces like pearls are attached to give the earrings a timeless look. 

There are many different types of dainty jewelry out there that you can mix and match with your #OOTD or for your day to night look. The main thing to know about dainty jewelry is to look for simple and minimalistic designs. 

These types of dainty pieces will make a huge statement without making a fuss on their own. Now that you know what types of dainty jewelry you can wear and are hopefully already working on your existing or new dainty collection, you probably want to know or need a refresher on how to wear it. 

How To Wear Dainty Jewelry

The best way to wear dainty jewelry is to stack or layer it. You definitely don’t want to stack or layer too many pieces together, as that will definitely defeat the purpose of the dainty look. Instead, try layering your dainty pieces in tiers. For example, if you are wearing a simple gold chain choker, add a long simple chain necklace to create that tier look. 

Also, be sure you are selecting the right lengths for your dainty pieces. For example, like the choker and necklace layered look we mentioned earlier, make sure you aren’t wearing a dropping choker and a necklace that drops too low. 

The key is finding balance so that each piece can complement each other. The same goes for bracelets as well; you don’t want to add to many bracelets at once. That will be too chaotic for the dainty look and look too crowded. Also, if you wear a watch with a dainty bracelet, your best bet is to go with one dainty style bracelet so that the overall look doesn’t get away from you. 

How To Style Dainty Jewelry

Now that you know what type of pieces are best for dainty jewelry, you are now ready to style it with your overall look. 

When wearing dainty pieces for a certain look, try to pair it with outfits that are just as simple and elegant. For example, dainty jewelry looks fabulous with a little black dress or even with a top where you can really show off that neckline. 

The general rule of thumb is to pair your minimalist outfits with her dainty jewelry to pull the overall look together.

Don’t Dismiss Dainty

There is a reason that dainty jewelry is so popular right now, and it's definitely due to its small but mighty look. There is something so alluring about the simplicity of its structure that you can’t help but notice it when someone is rocking a piece with an equally killer look. 

Dainty jewelry can make a bold statement without even being bold itself. And anyone can work this look—it's timelessness and elegance makes it suitable for any personality and preferences. 

There are many different styles and variations you can create with dainty jewelry. You really can create versatile looks by wearing a dainty piece solo or tastefully layering it with other dainty pieces. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not dainty jewelry is right for you, try some of our suggested pieces and ways to wear it and see for yourself. 

You’ll be surprised how much a huge difference such a small piece of jewelry can make.