Becoming a mom, as most know, is a very beautiful and special time in one's life. Especially if this is the birth of a first child and the mother and family are beyond excited to welcome the newest member of the family. And although the baby rightfully deserves all the attention, we shouldn’t forget about mom either. 

If you are gift shopping for a new mom and aren’t sure what to give her, we’ve got you covered. Our list includes specific items that a new mom either didn’t know she needed or will absolutely love once she has started using. 

Before we jump in, we must warn you. These gift ideas are so awesome that you’ll definitely set the bar extremely high and will have to top it for each subsequent gift you give her from all these great options. 

Personalized Jewelry

One of the best ways to make a new mom feel incredibly special is to give her personalized jewelry. There is nothing more timeless or thoughtful than giving the new mom either a personalized necklace, ring, or bracelet

And since jewelry can last a lifetime when well cared for, she can even pass this down as a family heirloom from generation to generation.

If you really want to make the new mom feel special, try personalizing the jewelry with engravings that are specific and special to her. For example, select an engraving of the mother and the baby’s initials, the day the child was born, or even the GPS coordinates of where the birth took place. 

Really take the time to make the engraving special for the mother and the child so she can cherish for a lifetime and even longer.

Comfy Slippers

As most veteran moms know, new babies mean lots of time on your feet. Whether that be getting up at all hours of the day and evening to care for the little one, walking while cuddling them around the house to soothe their fussiness, or going back and forth for bottle duty, new moms hardly get a chance to sit down. 

This is why gifting comfy slippers to a new mom is a wonderful gift that she will truly appreciate. Make sure you do some shopping to find the right ones as you can select slippers that can be heated through the convenient use of a microwave or ones that have memory foam material to help with those aches and pains. She, and her tired feet, will be forever grateful.

Eye Masks

When a new mom is finally able to get some much-needed shut-eye while the baby rests or is being tended to by someone helping her out, getting her an eye mask for those glorious short naps will be a godsend. 

Not only will an eye mask block most, if not all, the light out for her to get some uninterrupted sleep, but you can also choose eye masks that have soothing materials like built-in cooling gels and other material that will help out with her tired eyes. Anything that will help a new mom get some sleep will be truly appreciated.

Foot Massager

Speaking of tired feet, the slippers we mentioned earlier are definitely a great gift as a remedy, but a foot massager gift will really make her feet feel like new again. 

There are many different types of foot massagers out there, but the best one for a new mom would definitely be a device where she can submerge her feet in heated water with jet functions that will use the water to work out all those pains. Try looking for a foot massager that has these functionalities that she can simply plug it in and enjoy. 

Oil Diffuser

Being a new mom, although a beautiful and wonderful experience, can certainly get stressful. Between adapting to the new baby’s schedule and the mom life, the new mom you’re shopping for can certainly get overwhelmed. 

A great way to calm her and will relax her, in general, is an oil diffuser. Certain essential oils have healing and calming properties, which can help those needing it when used in an oil diffuser where the heat from the diffuser releases these wonderful aromas into the air. It’s simple to set up and turn on so she can easily have it on while she’s tending to her new baby.

Sensory Blanket

A great gift for everyone, especially new moms, is a sensory blanket. Also known as weight blankets, these types of blankets are designed to be thicker and heavier, which creates a cozy feeling when used. Sensory blankets are also supposed to help calm the individual that’s using them, so they are quickly becoming a go-to destresser for most people. 

To achieve the weighted feel, the blankets are often designed to have bead-filled pockets sewn across the blanket, making it easy to distribute the weighted feel across the body. So when your new mom finally has a moment to herself, she’ll enjoy having the weighted feel of the blanket that gives her a relaxing break. 

Cozy and Fluffy Robe

As all moms know, a new baby means less time for dressing up and more time wearing what’s comfortable. For your new mom, indulge her with a cozy and fluffy robe that she can feel comfortable and elegant while wearing around the house. Look for robes that are made of quality comforting material so that she can even wear it while taking her much needed #metime. 


Although this seems like an interesting choice for a gift for a new mom, it’s probably the best one you can give on this list. For those unaware, bidets are toilet attaches that let you use water instead of toilet paper for your bathroom needs. 

There are many different shapes and sizes that bidets come in, from ones you can plug in for heated water and seat options and massaging and nozzle adjustments to simple attachments that take five minutes to install.

Some moms have even said that using a bidet after childbirth helped them with their bodies after birth care. So, not only will it give her a luxury bathroom experience (because all moms know that sometimes bathroom time is their only time to themselves throughout the day), but it will also help her with recovering from the birth. That’s a gift win-win in our books. 

Subscription Box

Most everyone has a subscription to something these days. Whether it be for streaming services to binge their favorite TV shows and movies to subscription boxes for niche items such as make-up, wine, and pretty much everything else you can think of. Getting your new mom a subscription box is also another awesome gift she’ll never know she needed.

Since there are so many different subscription boxes to choose from, be sure you find out what specifically the new mom you’re gifting likes. 

If she’s a coffee junkie, look for a subscription box that lets her try different types of coffees each month, especially when she needs energy for the new baby. Or, if she is a bookworm, try getting her a subscription to a monthly book subscription where she can sneak in a couple of pages during the baby’s nap. 

Be sure you know what she likes because there is definitely a subscription box out there for her. 

Smart Home Device

Another great gift for the new mom is getting her a home pod or a smart device she can set up in her house. These devices are extremely popular and convenient, especially for new moms. 

They can assist her if she is trying to cook something hands-free by calling out the ingredients and cooking directions, or they can play music for the new baby during nap time. It’s a great device to have and can even be her own digital assistant. And let’s face it, no new mom will say no to any help she can get. 

Gift Your New Mom Something Special

When you are gifting a new mom with an awesome present, make sure that you are looking for something special for her. The baby will certainly be showered with gifts and presents upon its arrival, but we should definitely celebrate the mother as well. By choosing any or even all of these gifts will definitely make her new motherhood feel very special.