Find the Perfect Best Friend Gifts

No matter how much you love your best friend, sometimes you just run out of gift ideas for friends. Our close friendships can be our best relationships. Rellery jewelry is founded on connections and relationships. Relationships + Jewelry = RELLERY. The brand was created out of a desire to make meaningful pieces for those we love.

What is friendship jewelry?

Friendship necklaces, friendship bracelets, bff necklaces, and matching best jewelry have been around for a long time. Whether you were braiding colorful bracelets at summer camp or stringing together beads on the beach many of us have memories of creating special friendship gifts. 

Since Rellery was started on the foundation of meaningful relationships, friendship jewelry is something that we wanted to create from the start. Showing your best friend some love for their birthday or celebrating their successes with a special piece can mean the world to them. 

If you’re long distance friends then a matching set can keep you connected always. Whether your soul sisters who are attached at the hip, or you can only connect a couple times a year, meaningful friendship jewelry can make an incredible gift.

Our top choices for best friend gift ideas

For the spiritual or star obsessed friend we love Zodiac jewelry. Whether she loves to read her daily horoscope, rock a zodiac sign, or just does it all for fun these pieces are sure to please. Get together to read your horoscopes, compare your compatibility, and share your sign with a friend who gets it. Show off your sign with your own Zodiac Pendant.

Our Zodiac Collection is for all our true believers, occasional dabblers, and nostalgic followers. Whether you have a spiritual connection to your sign or you love the history of zodiacs, this piece will hold a special place for you. Every sign has their strengths and their weaknesses that our horoscope can help us enhance. Our closest friends are also there to encourage our strengths and forgive our weaknesses. Remind your favorites of their unique perspective and amazing outlook with a piece they'll want to wear always.

Best gift ideas for best friend jewelry made to match and share

Our Pinky Promise pieces are inspired by a sweet and nostalgic tradition of pinky promises. From necklace pendants to signet rings, our Pinky Promise symbol is a show of trust, love, and nostalgia. Remember when you sealed every pact with a Pinky Promise and that was a sacred vow? Those were the good old days! 

Our memories stay with us for a lifetime and those pledges we made to our loving friends are held onto forever. Take a little of that nostalgic feeling and bring it to your best friends now. Surprise them with a matching best friend bracelets to let them know Pinky Promises really do last forever.

We carried this nostalgic and meaningful tradition into the modern day with elevated Promise jewelry. With these unique friendship-inspired pieces, you can make a pact to do something kind for someone everyday. Whether you pay a stranger a compliment, help a friend in need, or do a favor for someone you love, a small act can change someone's world. Use this piece as a promise to be loyal, to be truthful, or to always be there for your closest friends.

Our Promise jewelry is a beautiful and lasting way to show you care. These unique and adorable pieces are ideal as matching sets or as an inspired gift. Make an impression on your bestie, sister, or closest of friends with a piece that shows off your unbreakable bond.

Make it personal with best friend gifts they’ll always cherish

There's no better way to show your thoughtfulness than a personalized piece engraved with meaning. Each piece can be engraved to your specifications so you can create your very own custom piece. For your bestie you might engrave their initials, an inside joke, or the coordinates of where you met.

We encourage you to get creative with your customizations on an engraved piece they'll treasure forever. Whether you keep it short and sweet, engrave matching sayings, or make it matter with a dedicated inscription - this new piece will make your BFF feel loved and appreciated always. They also make the ideal gifts for bridesmaid jewelry.

With so many options for personalized pieces it can be hard to find the ideal fit. We make it easy to design a piece that speaks to shared love, friendship, and sisterhood. You can go simple with initial charms, get a bit lengthier on a personalized bar necklace, or select their unique birth flower. Inspire them with a thoughtful mantra, surprise them with a funny note, or make it personal by engraving their name. No matter what you choose your friends are sure to feel the love.

Get nostalgic with matching best friend rings

The perfect cool girl duo. Our Checker Collection was carefully crafted to sink you into moments of nostalgia and connection. Close friendships are all about connection and these pieces highlight that importance. Get your favorite colors, contrasting hues, or the same tone for a matching set.

There's nothing better than sharing moments with your best friend. So go for matching bracelets, necklaces, or rings. Next time you're out getting drinks or bonding over brunch you can say cheers to your matching Checker pieces. Hanging out in style never hurts so get matchy or mix it up for a fun look you'll both want to wear everyday.

We love the symbolism behind these pieces. Because the best friendships can sometimes be the most unlikely duos. Maybe you're an extrovert and she's an introvert. Maybe you're all for going out and she's all for staying in. Maybe she loves dainty jewelry and you love chunky pieces. Yet regardless of your differences you can't imagine your life without each other. Opposites attract, and nowhere is that more evident than in our relationships. No matter what they are, our differences can strengthen our connections. Celebrate what makes each of you unique with contrasting Checker jewelry.