Necklaces can make or break an outfit.

But, what about wearing multiple necklaces all at once? How does that affect your look and style?

Well, it can play a dramatic role in your finished look, so it doesn’t hurt to take a few moments and figure out what is working.

Whether it’s for a night out with your boo or just another day at the office, learning about styling your necklaces in layers can be a fun way to mix up your stale routine.

If you don’t know how to layer necklaces, no worries. We’ll first go over choosing the perfect length necklace and then dive into different styling options.

Choosing the Perfect Length Necklace

Before you layer, it pays off to know what works for you (or maybe you want your beau to layer necklaces).

There are a few factors you want to consider when deciding on the perfect necklace length. It’s important to consider these when you want to layer as the layering effect changes based on these factors.

Types of Necklace Lengths

You’ll discover quickly that jewelers do their own thing and may have different names for lengths of necklaces. Here is a quick primer on standardized names, lengths, and placements for necklaces that’ll help you on your search:

  • 14” Collar - Exactly as you would expect, these necklaces create a collar around your throat area.
  • 16” Choker - Also known as a bib, choker necklaces may be either kind of tight around your neck or may fall closer to the base of your neck.
  • 17-18” Princess - If you feel suffocated with a collar or choker but still want something short, opt for the princess necklace. It will fall against your collarbone.
  • 20-24” Matinee - Yes, it has a wider range, but these are pretty popular lengths and will sit comfortably between your collarbone and the top of your bust.
  • 28-36” Opera - For a little more drama, consider the opera length necklace. It has a flowy effect and looks awesome with a higher-cut top or dress.
  • 36-42” Rope - You can take one rope necklace and double it up for an easy layering technique.
Necklace Size Chart

This is good to know for when you are selecting new pieces to add to your jewelry collection for layering purposes.

It’s a good idea to measure yourself before choosing a necklace length. The simplest way is to drape a soft measuring tape around your neck. Start the zero-inch mark where you want the necklace point to fall, say your collarbone. Then, wrap the measuring tape around your neck and align it with the zero-inch mark. Note the number of inches and bam! You’re all set!


Think About Your Height and Shape

Necklace Chains

When considering what necklaces to choose for layering, you’ll need to think about how the different lengths will fall on your body.

If you are on the shorter side (5’4” or shorter), it may be ideal to stick to collar, choker, princess, and rope lengths. For taller ladies (5’9” or taller), you can pretty much take your pick of the lot.

Overall height is a consideration, but so is the build of your frame. If you have a shorter torso, the different lengths of necklaces are going to fall at varying places than is normal. And, the same is true for those of us with longer torsos.

Also, if you have a wider frame or neck, then shorter chains may feel too constricting. You may find that a matinee necklace will actually look like a princess necklace on you. Stick to longer lengths for a more comfy feel.


Pendants, Charms, and Disks

You’ll also want to consider the different pendants, charms, and disks you wanna sport. It’s good to mix it up if you plan to layer your necklaces, and wearing different pendants adds weight to your chains and ropes so you don’t run into as many tangling issues.

For a unique look, you can customize your pendants and disks with initials, symbols, flowers, your zodiac sign, or even dates. This is a great way to set yourself apart from the crowd and really hone in on your personal story.

Your Face Shape Matters

Yup. Knowing your face shape can help not only with clothing decisions but jewelry choices as well.

Simply put, if you have a rounder face, you may find that a princess length necklace works best. Or you can do a collar or choker to punch up your look.

For the ladies with a more pointed or angular face shape, you can pretty much wear it all. And, when you layer longer necklaces, it will not only frame your face but can make your torso look taller.

Tips for Layering Necklaces

How you layer your necklaces is up to you. The possibilities are endless!

While there are options for purchasing pre-layered necklaces (think of two or more necklaces with one, singular clasp), there are a ton of other options.

We’ve done our research and experimentation, and we’ve found some fun and unique ways to layer your necklaces.

Vary Your Necklace Material

When layering necklaces, you can mix up the materials based on the rest of your outfit.

Some different materials to consider for necklaces include:

  • Sterling Silver
  • 14k Gold
  • 18k Gold
  • Gold Vermeil
  • Rose Gold
  • Leather
  • Hemp
  • Wood
  • Stainless Steel
  • Titanium

Just stay away from lots of costume jewelry or fast fashion jewelry as they can discolor your skin and can even cause you to develop an allergy to nickel!

For day-to-day layering, try wearing a dainty, long chain necklace with a shorter, chunky chain. Or, you can wear a leather necklace mixed with a sterling silver or gold matinee-length necklace.

Going to a fancy event? Try the opposite. You can keep all the materials similar (like white gold, sterling silver, or gold vermeil) and layer to create a stunning showstopper.

Mix it all in. Opt for a leather chunky collar and a long, skinny chain with a pendant. Can you say sexy?

Short and Long

Wear a choker paired with an opera necklace. You can dress this up for a night out on the town, or you can wear them simply with a shirt and jeans for work or happy hour.

Remember to experiment and consider how these different lengths work with your body type and style.

Do the Whole Spread

Necklace Layering

If you have all of the different layer types like collar, princess, and rope—go for it! Put them all on for a modern or futuristic look. If they happen to be the same material or style, then you’ll present a clean and put-together look. 

Really, you can also just go crazy with this idea. If you’re looking for that edgy, style-icon look, then wear two to four necklaces of varying lengths and materials and get ready for the adoring stares.

Layering and Length for Your Necklaces

Now that you are a master at finding the perfect length and layering your fave necklaces, you’re ready to impress with your upgraded fashion style!

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