You get out of the shower, dress quickly, brush your teeth, and are about to head out the door. You go to grab a necklace to wear and realize...oh no. All of your necklaces are stuck together! 

Tangled necklaces are the bane of your existence, but they don’t have to be anymore.

We wanted to make untangling necklaces as easy as possible for you. You may have to set aside a little time (and patience) and do this when you're not in a rush.

Let’s get to it.

Untangling Necklaces

So, how do you untangle necklaces? No worries. We’ve got you!

For this easy untangling method, you’ll need the necklaces, a gentle oil, and something thin and sharp (like a needle). Also, this method works for one necklace or multiple necklaces.

Step 1. The Setup

Whether it’s one necklace or a horde of tangled necklaces, find a sturdy surface to begin the process. It works best if you have a white or black background to work on as it’ll make it easier to see what you’re doing.

Unclasp each necklace, and spread out your necklaces as much as you can. Don’t pull them too hard or force them to spread out thinly. You could end up breaking your jewelry. No ma’am, we don’t want that!

Also, be sure you have sufficient lighting. You want to be able to see your progress!

Step 2. Lubricate the Knots

Prepare your knots for untangling by putting a drop or two of olive oil or baby oil directly onto the knots. This helps you deconstruct the knots and lessens the friction that will occur during the process.

If you don’t have a good oil to use (did your jewelry come with any lubricating oil?), then try baby powder. With the baby powder, simply sprinkle it onto the knot and kind of shake the necklace around so the baby powder can get in between the loops.

There’s also an old trick where you spray Windex on the knots and let them sit on your washing machine to loosen up the knots a bit. Sounds interesting, but make sure the Windex won’t damage your necklaces.

Step 3. Pick Necklace Knots Apart

Insert your small, thin object into the knot and grab the chain with your other hand. Taking your time, untangle the first knot. We recommend using sewing needles, but thumbtacks and safety pins will work also. Heck, you could even use toothpicks, but they won’t be as sturdy.

Untangle Necklaces

It may be easier to start the untangling process if you use two needles, one in each hand, to unknot the really bad ones.

PRO TIP: If you have more than one set of tweezers, you could try using them together or using one with a needle in the other hand. Just be sure they’re not super sharp because it could damage your jewelry.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until your necklace mess is all sorted.

Tada! You’re Done

Congratulations! Hopefully, your patience didn’t wear thin and you made it through.

After you’re done untangling all of the knots, be sure you clean your precious necklaces off using an appropriate cleaner. Most pieces can be cleaned in some soapy water and then dried off immediately using a soft cloth. Or, if you have a special jewelry cleaner, be sure to use it.

Preventing Future Necklace Tangle

Okay, so now your jewelry is untangled. Time to be proactive!

Using these different methods and products can save you a ton of time and prevent major frustration later down the road.

The Straw Method

If you have one giant box that you kind of just throw everything in, maybe it’s time to try something new. Breath deeply and grab some plastic straws.

With your necklace unclasped, drop one end through the straw. Once it’s all the way through, clasp the necklace ends back together.

Is your necklace too short? Simply cut the straw as needed!

Jewelry Box

It sounds kind of like a “duh” moment, but having a jewelry box designed for necklaces can be a lifesaver. You can find smaller ones that will hold a few pieces, or you can get all fancy and get a larger one if you are necklace obsessed.

What’s also great about jewelry boxes is that you can find one that suits your style and matches your home decor. And, if you have expensive pieces, you’ll find plenty of boxes that have locks embedded in them for that feeling of security.

Necklace or Jewelry Trees

Jewelry trees are awesome. They’re usually built to stand tall on a table or chest of drawers, or you’ll find some that can be mounted onto the wall.

If you have a wall mount necklace tree, you can put it in your bathroom or bedroom. Some wall-mounted trees have mirrors on the front and close easily. These are ideal if you have a lot of pieces of varying lengths and styles.

Hint, hint: for the necklace lover in your life, a necklace tree makes a great gift!

Cardboard Tube

This is kind of like the straw method, But, if you have an extra paper towel or toilet paper tube lying around, grab it.

Work one end of your necklace into the tube and then reclasp them together.

What’s great is you can put multiple necklaces into one tube. Just make sure that you put the final product in a space where it won’t move very much. You don’t want all of your necklaces moving around and scratching each other!

Original Packaging

Many of us try to stay away from being a hoarder. We’ve seen the show, and it’s scared us into cleaning as best we can.

But, if you store your jewelry boxes away for a rainy day, pull them back out and use them to store your pieces for the everyday. This is a great temporary solution but we don’t recommend using it long-term.

Some packaging, although great for display, can actually tarnish or damage your necklaces over time. Why is this? Depending on where it is processed, packaging will slowly but surely leak out sulfur. And that’s just not cool. You can actually find anti-tarnish paper if you have to use the original packaging long-term. Just wrap your pieces in a slice of paper before putting them in the box. Thankfully, Rellery’s boxes do not contain any sulfur, so it’s safe to store your jewelry in our boxes as needed! 

The Best Way to Untangle Necklaces

Do you feel like an expert untangler yet? Well, it takes some experience.

We hope you found this 3-step method to untangling necklaces easy on your already frustrated mind.

If you give up (don’t--you got this!) or accidentally break your necklaces, you can get your next necklaces right here on Rellery, and hopefully use our tips so you don’t go through the same tangling fiasco all over again!

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We also have a lifetime tarnish guarantee. When your pieces start to look dull or tarnished, simply send them back to us, and we’ll clean them up for you! If they’re beyond repair, we’ll replace them free of charge.

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Go forward, tangle-free. You deserve it.