Minimalist jewelry is all the rage for those looking to add subtle pieces to their jewelry collection. By wearing minimalist jewelry, you can add a classic touch of style to your overall look that is sophisticated and elegant. 

This type of jewelry is also referred to as “barely-there jewelry” or “naked jewelry” because of its ability to blend into your look without it being too loud or gaudy. The goal of minimalist jewelry is to be flirty, dainty, and timeless.

Build Off of Your Favorite Looks

You can even build your whole look off of minimalist jewelry. If you want to increase the appeal of a certain look, adding a simple bar necklace or a gold bracelet will amp up the classiness of the look. Minimalist jewelry doesn’t necessarily mean you only have to wear one piece, either. You can layer your pieces to give you a more textured look, and they are so versatile that they can easily take you from your office day look to your night out on the town look effortlessly.

Now that we have converted you to the idea of minimalist jewelry, we’ve curated a list of types of minimalist jewelry and how you can style it so that you can incorporate it into your look. All of these types of pieces are meant to showcase you, the wearer, so that you can really stand out without having your pieces wear you instead of you wearing them. Read on below so you can start finding your own minimalist pieces

Chain Necklaces

Considered the staple of minimalist jewelry, the classic chain necklace is a great piece to add to your look. This simple and clean piece can be paired with pretty much anything, and it can also be a layered look as well. The following are types of minimalist necklaces that would be great to pair with your next look.

  • Bar necklaces - Bar necklaces are pieces that consist of a simple bar-shaped pendant that is attached to a slim gold chain. Bar necklaces are a staple of minimalistic jewelry because they are unassuming, and you can also wear multiples without it appearing too distracting. You can also personalize bar necklaces by having them engraved with whatever you’d like, making it a unique piece to wear to complete your look.
  • Simple chain necklaces - If pendant-less necklaces are more to your liking, a simple and subtle chain necklace is also a great choice. Slim chain necklaces are a perfect minimalist choice for those who are wanting a piece that is the very definition of simple. You can also layer a chain necklace to give it a more versatile look, especially if pairing with stud earrings to really pull your entire look together. 
  • Small pendant necklaces  - Although it may seem somewhat counterintuitive to consider pendant necklaces as minimalist jewelry, you can certainly still wear them as your minimalist piece. Selecting small pendants such as heart-shaped, oval, or circle necklaces can still give off a minimalistic look. Since the pendant is so small, it will definitely call attention to your piece in a very subtle way as the juxtaposition between the simple chain and pendant will give it a very classic look. You can also add engravings to your small pendant with unassuming engravings such as initials or geometric shapes, which will enhance the minimalism of the piece. 
  • Chokers - If you are looking for something that is tighter around the neck, selecting a choker necklace is also an excellent minimalist jewelry choice. Not only are chokers the very definition of minimalist jewelry, but they are great pieces that can draw attention to your neck, enhancing its features. You can also select chokers with subtle pieces such as chokers with a pearl featured in the center. The elegance of the pearl paired with the refined look of the choker, will give you another minimalist necklace option.

With these different styles of minimalist necklaces, you will surely find a piece that will suit your style. Try layering these different types of necklaces to play with different styles. You’ll be surprised how these understated pieces will give you your desired bold look.

Solid Gold Bracelets

Solid gold bracelets are another great piece to add to your minimalist jewelry collection. Similar to the simple chain necklace, solid gold necklaces can be layered, and you can add in a simple and unassuming pendant or pearl. 

Like the choker, a solid gold bracelet can even draw attention to your hands, especially if you have other minimalistic pieces such as rings to accentuate the look. You can also wear bracelets that are designed in geometric shapes to give yourself a more modern minimalistic look. 

Solid Gold Rings

Solid gold rings are another great selection for your minimalistic look. Solid gold rings such as bands are especially simple pieces that can also draw attention to your hands, especially when paired with a solid or geometric shaped bracelet. 

Although a simple band is always a classic and minimalist touch, you don’t have to be limited to only band rings for your look. You can also wear bar rings, like the bar necklace, as a varied piece for your look. Bar rings also allow you the option for customization as well so you can have elegant engravings on your ring pieces.

Try selecting rings with basic shapes as well as they can also create a minimalistic look. Rings with simple shapes such as hearts, ovals, and circles also look best. If you are looking for minimalist ring jewelry with a modern twist, look for chain rings as they take the classic look of the chain necklace and incorporate that look into a versatile ring. 

You can also select rings that have minimalist shaped patterns, such as stars, hearts, or even a twist ring. All of these types of rings are perfect minimalist pieces that can even be paired with your other minimalist jewelry pieces, as well. 

Dainty Earrings

Other standard minimalist jewelry pieces are pearl and diamond earrings. Not only are they the definition of elegance, but if you wear a small pair, they can really amplify your overall look. Wearing diamond and pearl earrings, like other minimalist pieces we’ve featured so far, can also draw attention to your ears and face, which can elevate your best features.

You can also choose to select earrings that consist of a mixture of gold, pearls, and diamonds. Select a gold stud earring with either a pearl or diamond stud to give off a polished and glowing look. Or, you can be a little playful and select earrings with heart, crescent, or star-shaped for a more whimsical look. Stacked earrings can certainly be minimalistic, too.

If you are seeking a more modern and eye-catching pair of earrings, try selecting geometric pieces to wear. These shapes include triangles and squares, or even more brazen shapes such as kite and trapezoid shapes. The great thing about these geometric shaped earrings is that you can either wear them as studs or loop-style and they will still have the same minimalistic look. 


If you are more of a fan of anklets but wonder if they could be worn to a complete minimalistic look, we are here to set the record straight. They absolutely can and will definitely complete your overall look. 

Anklets are hidden jewelry gems so it is pivotal that you select the right minimalistic piece so as to not throw off your entire look. To achieve the minimalistic look with anklets, simply select pieces such as a simple chain or even a bulkier gold chain. Like chain necklaces, you can also wear a small pendant in the middle, whether this is a simple shape such as a heart or a star to a more classic accent such as a pearl or a diamond. 

You can certainly wear either or both and still get the same minimalist look. 

Anyone Can Pull Off Minimalistic Jewelry

If you previously thought minimalistic jewelry was boring or something you felt you couldn’t pull off, we sincerely hope that we’ve changed your mind. The versatility of minimalist jewelry can be applied to any look and any occasion. Sometimes having less is definitely more, especially when wearing minimalist jewelry draws more attention to you as the wearer.