Personalized name necklaces and personalized jewelry in general have been around for a while now.

And for good reason. These engravable unique gifts have stood the test of time and appear to be here to stay forever. They’re easy to locate and fun to try with your entire wardrobe.

So, where do you find name necklaces? Once you have one, what the heck do you wear it with?

You’ll find name necklaces from corporate jewelry stores to small businesses to auction sites. And, you’ll quickly realize the versatility of the name necklace when it comes to three fresh styling options: layering, multiple disks, and contrast. 

Name Necklaces: A Brief History

Name Necklace

 Street style in the ‘80s. That’s where name necklaces rose to fashion worthiness.

As hip hop became more mainstream, so did the name necklace, especially those yellow gold necklaces that we all know as the classic name necklace. 

And, it doesn’t seem that trend is fading anytime soon.

Artists and icons emblazon their names onto gold and silver to show off their pride and notoriety. Name pendants signify a unifying history that connects names, families, and friends together.

Don't forget the Carrie name necklace from Sex and the City (much to the chagrin of New Yorkers).

But, you don’t have to have a million views or a Carrie-style Big Apple apartment to get the inherent benefits of a custom name necklace. Today, you’ll find that name necklaces mean a lot to many people. There’s even a hashtag for gathering oral history to slowly sew stories together to highlight the importance of nametags in society (#DocumentingTheNameplate).

This rich culture and ever-evolving type of jewelry is the perfect way to express your unique personality.

So, then, where does a bling queen find her next heirloom-worthy piece?

Where Do I Find Name Necklaces?

It depends on what you’re looking for.

There's no longer just one style name necklace--you have everything from script name necklaces to monogram vertical name necklaces to butterfly name necklaces to sterling silver name necklaces.

Since everyone and their loved ones want to grab one, you can pretty much find name necklaces in every nook and cranny of the retail world. In the end, though, it comes down to your ideal design as well as getting good, quality jewelry at a fair price.

Corporate and Large Jewelers

Major retailers generally carry yellow or white gold letter necklaces as well as sterling silver, and sometimes even have a few encrusted with gemstones, birthstones, and diamonds.

A word to the wise: be sure to shop around because larger jewelry stores may not offer the precious metals you want at a fair price, and are notorious for marking up jewelry by the hundreds. 

You may also run into limited custom options as well as preset lengths that can hinder your wish for flexible styling.

Online Jewelers

If you want to really get into personalizing your name necklace, opt for an online jewelry store. The internet allows these types of jewelers maximum creativity and tons of customization options.

When choosing an online jeweler, be sure you can verify the materials being used. You may have or could develop a nickel allergy. Or, you may experience that ever-so-annoying green tinge that comes from the presence of zinc.

So, what should you look for? Rellery for example, only uses precious metals in an ethical fashion, offers tons of customization options, and backs their jewelry with a Lifetime Tarnish Guarantee where you can send in pieces that need clean or replaced. Additionally, 

Creative Ways to Wear Name Necklaces

Mama Necklace

 There are so many ways you can wear name necklaces.

First, it helps to know what type of name necklace you’re sporting. If you have a daintier version like a thin cursive name necklace or just a heart necklace on a slim chain, then try pairing it with something simple and clean. If you dress loud and proud with an old English name necklace or a crown name necklace with a little bling, you may want to consider getting a bigger necklace to show off your namesake.

Also, when thinking of ways to style your name necklace, consider how the colors, textures, lengths, and patterns on your clothes will complement your new fave jewelry piece, which can affect whether you get something versatile like 925 sterling silver or something a little more niche like one that's rose gold plated.

Some common types of name necklaces include:

And the list keeps going! 

 Also, consider the materials you want your new piece to be crafted from. Do you want luscious rose gold, or are you more of a sterling silver lover? Does your skin work better with gold, or maybe you're just obsessed with stainless steel.

And most importantly, what are you going to etch into that perfect gift for your BFF, sister, or maybe even your bridesmaid?

Once you decide and get your fave type, here are three new ways to wear your name necklace.

Option 1. Layer Them

There are a couple of ways you could do this.

One option is to wear multiple name necklaces that are various lengths for a cascading effect.

Another way to layer these cuties is to wear a short, choker-style name necklace with one or two longer, plain chain necklaces.

Both of these options look great with a v-neck shirt and your fave pair of pants. Or, try layering at your next black-tie event with your sleek black dress.

Option 2. Get Multiple Bars, Pendants, and Disks

First of all, a few types of name necklaces include:

  • Bar (or name plate)
  • Dog tag
  • Pendant
  • Disk

What you can do is order multiples of these and make each one unique. Engrave family members’ names, or you and your boo’s name and slide the attached ring onto your chain. That way, you can mix and match as you please. No fuss.

And talk about the gift that keeps on giving. Your mama loves her children (and your kids, too, and yes dogs and cats are counted) so why not make her heart swell with all of the names etched into the bars, one per kid!

If you have a lot of attachments, be sure to balance out the other jewelry that you wear so you don’t look overloaded.

Option 3. Fresh Contrast

If you’re heading to the office, you can always don your name necklace with your fave button-up blouse and a simple pair of earrings like hoops or studs.

While white, black, and beige will help gold and jewelry stand out, try something new. Go bolder with a neon green top, get rich with a deep navy, or try a pastel fuschia to look fresh, modern, and ready to take on the world.

Heck. Mix it up even further and wear a bold pattern or floral design and sport a shorter nameplate necklace.

What’s great about this jewelry is how it seamlessly transitions from work to happy hour to late-night chat sessions on the couch--it's no wonder they're forever bestsellers. And, you can keep those closest to you from the comfort of anywhere.

Finding and Wearing Name Necklaces: A Love Story

No matter where you pick up your new bling, remember it’s about the personalization. That’s what makes a name necklace special.

Choose a favorite quote, the names of your pets, or give your mom a beautiful new heirloom with the grandkids names on it. And no worries on the sizing—all of our necklaces have a well-hidden adjuster so you have up to four different sizes to choose from.

At Rellery, we have high-quality name necklaces at a fair price. That’s because we kicked out the commission-based middlemen (finally) so you skip the 1000% markups. We are dedicated to crafting jewelry that you’ll want to wear every day.

Only using precious metals, we lovecraft every piece of jewelry exactly the way you want it. And when your new fave piece begins the natural process of tarnishing, if you can’t clean it, we’ll do it for you! Take advantage of our lifetime tarnish guarantee, and you’ll never have to worry about maintaining the life and luster of your name necklace.

So craft yours today and take it from your wishlist into your shopping cart, because the most memorable journey you have is your own story. Wear it with love and style!