Are you looking for a special gift to show how much you love that special lady in your life? Or maybe you just want to surprise her with a “just because” gift because she’s so incredibly special to you, and she absolutely deserves absolutely nothing but the best. In the endless sea of internet shopping, you may find it difficult to find that perfect and personalized gift for her with so many options out.

By going with a personalized gift, you will give her something monumentally sentimental, and she won’t soon forget it. And there are so many different ways you can personalize a gift that will leave her speechless. We’ve broken down the best possible personalized gifts that will definitely show how much you love her. 


Selecting a personalized necklace is always a great way to go when looking for a personalized gift for your lovely lady. The versatility of necklaces allows you to customize them in so many fun, romantic, and unique ways. Jewelry is also a sentimental keepsake for most, so her wearing it will always be a lasting sign of your love for her. 

There are many different ways to personalize a necklace, but we have selected the following as some of the best and unique ways to make it extra personal for the woman in your life:

  • Bar necklace - A bar necklace is a subtle chain necklace that consists of a bar-shaped pendant. Bar necklaces are great for personalized touches because you can have anything engraved on them, such as the GPS coordinates of your first date, where you got married, or your honeymoon location, as well as meaningful sayings or even your name
  • Heart necklace - If you really and truly want to go the romantic and personalized route, a heart-shaped necklace is definitely the way to go. By selecting a heart-shaped necklace, you can have both or just her initials engraved on them or even important dates such as when you first met or your anniversary. You can even layer the heart pendants by having yours and hers engraved initials on each one, where they will rest near and dear to her heart when she wears them. 
  • Birth flower pendant necklace - A new trend in personalized necklaces is selecting an engraved pendant with a beautiful image of one’s birth flowers. If you are unaware, everyone has a birth flower that is assigned to them based on the month that they are born, just like a zodiac sign. Once you find out her birth flower, you can then have it engraved on a necklace you can present to her as a very unique and modern gift. And since this is such a niche type of personalized necklace, we’re confident that she will feel very special when wearing it. 
  • Zodiac necklace - Just like the birth flower necklace, a zodiac necklace is another great way to select a personalized gift for your lucky lady. Some zodiac pendant necklaces either come engraved with an image representing their zodiac sign, the name of the zodiac sign, or, which is our personal favorite, the stars’ alignment of the zodiac constellation that can be seen in the night sky. However you decide to select a zodiac engraving, no matter what you choose, it will surely leave her speechless. 

By selecting a personalized necklace, you are giving your special lady something that she can wear every day to not only show off her personality but your love as well. Especially if she loves jewelry, this will definitely be right up her alley. 

However, always be sure you do your research when looking up GPS coordinates, birth flowers, or zodiacs, and you want to be sure it is the right one for her.


Speaking of personalized gifts, another item of jewelry that would be perfect for a unique gift for the lucky lady in your life is a personalized bracelet. Like the personalized necklace, there are many different ways you can customize it. 

The same type of personalization pendants that we mentioned for necklace pendants earlier can also be applied to a bracelet. This includes the bar pendant, the birth flower pendant, and the zodiac pendant.

This is a great gift for the lady love if she prefers bracelets over necklaces. Or, maybe she hasn’t quite developed her bracelet collection yet, and this would be a perfect time for her to start it. Either way, a personalized bracelet is a wonderful gift for the love of your life. 


If rings are what you are after, you can also select personalized rings. Personalized rings, like the bracelets and necklaces we mentioned earlier, also have the option for customization so you can personalize it for a woman who has captured your heart. In addition to engravings for names, dates, and birth flowers, you could also select a ring that has her birthstone.

Like birth flowers, everyone has a birthstone that is decided based on the month that you are born. For example, if you were born in September, your birthstone would be the sapphire. Or, if you were born in March, your birthstone would be aquamarine. Each month has its own unique stone. By selecting a ring with her birthstone on it, you will show her how truly special she is to you. 

A Storybook About Your Love

If you prefer to lean more towards the DIY side, another great personalized and unique option is creating a storybook that highlights the love in your relationship. This has been a huge trend lately where couples will create a book detailing things about them, such as when they met, their anniversary, and any milestones such as their wedding, birth of a child, or even their first home. 

Your storybook about your relationship can be as personalized as anyway you see fit.

And there are different and unique ways to create a storybook about your relationship. You can either do this with pictures and create one yourself. Or, if you have artistic skills, you can make one digitally and have it printed off and bound at a local printing shop. 

However, if you are nervous about creating one on your own, there are plenty of companies out there that will make one for you. Once you give them all the information they need, they can make the book special for you and your lady. 

Photo Album

If you are looking to create a gift with materials that you already have, a personalized photo album is another great option for a unique gift for that special woman in your life. There are plenty of ways that you can make a photo album your own instead of just haphazardly putting pictures in an album.

For example, pull photos that you have taken with her through the years and even some of her favorite selfies (her profile picture on social media would be a great start, or you could ask her friends) and have them professionally printed off so you can have certain matte finishes or glosses added to your pictures. This makes them look like they were taken by an expert photographer. 

You can even apply this to pictures you’ve taken on your smartphone too. This can definitely be done in the comfort of your own home as well if you have the right materials and printers. Once you have those ace-looking pictures ready to go, look for a photo album to put them in. Try using something high quality like leather-bound albums with acid-free paper so that your pictures will last more than a lifetime. 

Personalized and Unique Gifts To Take Her Breath Away

Hopefully, we’ve taken some of the guesswork out of your journey to find the most personalized and unique gift for the woman you love. Personalized gifts are so endearing; we can’t help falling in love with the person who gifts us with one all over again. 

Be sure you take the time to really understand what she likes and pick up on her nuances so you can surprise her with a gift she wasn’t expecting. Regardless, if you choose any of these gifts on our list, we know she’s going to absolutely love it.