Do you know someone expecting their first bundle of joy? Amongst all the excitement of the upcoming birth and new member of the family, there are lots of things to plan and get ready for, especially for the new mother and her baby. While everyone else may be getting her such necessities, like diapers, bedding, or toys, you should think about getting her a push present.

If this is the first time you have heard of something like this, a push present is a present that the birth mother’s partner or family gives the new mother to celebrate her giving birth to her first child. The push present has been around for quite a while and even dates back to the 1700s when the British began giving presents to reward new mothers for going through their first birth. 

Even celebrities like Rachel Zoe and Mariah Carey received push presents from their husbands when they gave birth to their first child. 

Now that you are aware of the endearing history of the push present, you should consider getting one for the person in your life who is expecting their first child. There are no set guidelines on what is and isn’t considered a push present, and it can be anything. However, we have compiled a list of gifts we feel would make an exceptional push present that will be a touching gift for your mother-to-be. 

Personalized Bracelets

One great push present that adds a personal touch is a personalized bracelet. Personalized bracelets are a great push present because you can have them personalized for pretty much everything. Especially for push presents, you can personalize them for the following:

  • Birth mother and child’s name - A great way to celebrate the birth of a new child is to have the names of the mother and child engraved on a personalized bracelet.
  • Coordinates of the birthplace - Another great way to personalize a bracelet is to have the coordinates of the location where the birth is to take place or has already taken place.
  • The birth date of the child - Engraving the birth date of the child on a personalized bracelet is also a nice touch for your push present. 

Another benefit of selecting a personalized bracelet for a birth mother as a push present is that she can cherish this present for a lifetime. She can also pass this personalized bracelet down to her children, thus making it a memorable family heirloom. Not only are personalized bracelets endearing, but they can be cherished for generations to come. 

Bar Necklace

If you are thinking a necklace may be more practical for the birth mother you are shopping for, you should also consider a bar necklace. A bar necklace is a very subtle and elegant piece of jewelry that, like a personalized bracelet, can be customized to your liking. The bar necklace can be personalized to have the engraving of the first child’s name, the mother’s name, or the date of the birth.

A new trend with bar necklaces is to have the GPS coordinates of the birth location engraved on the bar pendant. This has become increasingly popular as a push present because it signifies a very specific location near and dear to the birth mother, the child, and their loved ones. 

There are many ways you can find the GPS coordinates that you would like to have engraved on the pendant, and you can certainly either choose the birth location or where the birth mother lives. Either location will surely be sentimental as a push present for the special birth mother you are shopping for. 

Zodiac Rings

If your birth mother is into astrology or you know her or the child’s zodiac sign, selecting a ring with a zodiac engraving is also another great and unique option for a push present. 

A zodiac ring typically has the engraving of the zodiac sign of the mother or child (or both if you want to make it special). This could be anywhere from an image representing their zodiac sign or the name of the zodiac sign itself. However, a new trend emerging in zodiac rings are engravings of the constellations of zodiac signs.

Specifically, the engravings detail the star's alignment within the constellation as a representation of the zodiac sign. For example, if you are selecting a zodiac ring with the zodiac sign of Gemini, the engraving would detail the star's alignment of that zodiac as it would appear in the night sky. 

It’s a great modern push present, especially for the astrology-loving mother-to-be. 

Designer Diaper Bag

Although a diaper bag is a must for all new mothers, your expectant mother may be too preoccupied to be thinking about getting one for herself, or maybe you’d like to give her a more fashionable diaper bag as a backup. 

As most parents know, having multiples on standby of everything is very helpful with a new baby. With that said, we recommend selecting a designer diaper bag as an excellent choice for a push present.

Diaper bags have seriously gone through a make-over in the last couple of decades. No longer are they considered the overstuffed and boring totes that new moms hurriedly have to carry around. Most designers have started making their high-quality diaper bags, so new moms can be fashionable while on the go. 

A designer diaper bag is not only great because it is made of better materials and will last longer but because it can be converted to a stylish handbag when the new mom finally gets to go out solo for errands or when she’s out on the town for some much-needed #selfcare. It’s a multi-use bag and a top tier choice on our list of exceptional push presents. 

Spa Day

Ok, who doesn’t love a spa day? Especially a new mother who has gone through her first birth. If you want a push present that will not only surprise her but give her some much needed TLC that she so rightfully deserves, a spa day certificate or package is the best choice for a push present. 

You can either give her a certificate or gift card, or if you know her well enough, schedule the spa day on her behalf. If you feel she would like a spa day before the birth of her child, most spas have packages specifically for pregnant women, so the spa can give her a relaxing experience with her pregnancy in mind. 

A Baby Book

If your birth mother is more on the bookish side, another great option for a push present is a baby book. 

A baby book is a journal of sorts where the birth mother can document the pregnancy, birth, and first few years of a child’s birth. Most baby books have areas where the birth mother can describe her pregnancy, the birth process, and characteristics of their child as they develop, such as their favorite toys, favorite and least favorite foods, and their weight and height through the years. 

They also offer the ability to track milestones such as the child’s first smile, first word, when they learned to talk as well as when they learned to crawl and walk. It’s a great keepsake for the birth mother to document her child growing-up. 

Personalized Tumbler

For a new mom with a glassware addiction, a personalized tumbler is another perfect choice for a push present. Selecting a tumbler with an engraving is a great push present for that new mom who is always on the go, her trusty tumbler in hand. 

Like with the other personalized gifts mentioned on this list, you can customize to tumbler to say whatever you want, be it the new mother’s name, the child’s name, or a combination of both. However, you choose to personalize it is completely up to you.

Push Presents Are Precious Keepsakes

Selecting a push present for a new mother is a wonderful way to commemorate their first birth. For most new moms, the process of their first birth can be exciting but scary at the same time. 

By giving your new mom-to-be an endearing push present, she will feel special and cherish it always. She may even pass it on in her family and could quite possibly give it to her child as their push presents one day, thus leaving a lasting legacy.