Ring sizing doesn’t have to be complicated. Getting your rings resized by a professional is a very common process. As long as you are within two sizes of your finger, you can get your ring sized up or down to fit perfectly, so it stays on your finger comfortably.

The way your ring fits your finger is very important. If your ring is too tight and uncomfortable, you won’t be able to enjoy your beautiful jewelry. If your ring is too loose, you risk losing it while completing daily tasks.

A perfectly sized ring is a thing of beauty, but it can sometimes be tricky to achieve depending on your knuckle size compared to your fingers. A perfectly sized ring will easily glide onto your finger and take just a little bit of pressure to remove. You shouldn’t have to struggle to get your ring on or off your finger--that can be harmful! 

You may know your exact ring size, but if you are given a ring as a gift or as a proposal, it may be a little off. Luckily, getting a ring resized is a common and fairly easy process. 

While it may be difficult to find the exact and perfect fit for your fingers, you should be able to get as close as possible with resizing. Rings come in standard sizes, but professionals should be able to resize your ring within a half size up or down depending on your needs. 

Spacers Are A Temporary Fix

If you have a ring that fit perfectly in the past but now slips off your finger, you can buy a ring spacer as a temporary fix. Ring spacers are the most cost-effective way to prevent your rings from slipping off your finger during everyday activities.

Temporary ring spacers are great solutions for people who have large knuckles, are in the process of losing weight, or for people whose ring size fluctuates frequently.

If your rings seem to slip off in winter more than in the summer, a ring spacer might be a good seasonal fix for your problem. It’s very common for fingers to shrink and swell depending on the weather or season.

Keep in mind that even though using a ring spacer is a great, temporary way to protect your ring from being lost, it can damage the band over time. If you find that you are using a ring spacer more often than not to keep your beloved jewelry on your finger, you may want to make some more permanent changes to the ring itself.

Take Your Ring to a Professional

Depending on the type of ring you have, you may be able to get it resized by a jeweler. This method is the best way to ensure a proper fit for your rings. 

A professional jeweler will take your ring and either add or remove metal to make it the perfect size for your finger. They will then solder the metal, polish it, and clean it, making your ring look as good as new. 

Resizing a ring can cost anywhere from $20 to $200, depending on the complexity of the job. While it is a fairly simple process, there are still a few steps to be taken before your ring fits perfectly on your hand. Here are a few things to keep in mind when getting your ring resized by a professional. 

Metal Matters

When looking to get your ring resized, the type of metal that your ring is made out of is important to consider. Silver, gold, and platinum rings can easily be resized by a professional. Other metals, such as Tungsten and titanium, are too difficult to be resized due to their hardness. 

Resizing your ring does not change the type of metal that your ring is made of. Reputable jewelers will use the exact same metal to resize your ring.

To make the ring larger, a jeweler will melt down additional metal and add it to your ring. To make your ring smaller, the jeweler will remove some of the metal from the band before soldering and polishing it to perfection. 

The metal removed from your ring when making it smaller is called a “cutout,” and you should ask for it back from the jeweler in case you ever need to make your ring larger later on! 

Size Matters

Jewelers are typically only able to fix the ring within about two sizes. Any more than that, and you may need to look for a new ring, depending on the type of setting you have.

If you’re unsure about what your ring size is, or if you are buying the ring as a gift, it is better to buy a size larger than a size smaller. It is easier to size a ring from larger to smaller than the other way around.

Stretching a ring too large may damage the overall integrity of the ring, leaving it prone to breaking.

Details Matter

The more intricate your band, the more expensive your resizing may be. Resizing is a relatively cost-effective way to fix your ring, but if you have a delicate band, other details like channel settings may have to be moved. 

This may also extend the time it takes for your ring to be resized. Typically, you can expect a resize to take about one to two weeks. 

However, if there are a lot of details to be changed during this process, you may expect three weeks for your ring to be resized. 

Pictures, Please

While most reputable jewelers will attach a picture of your ring to the order before it is sent off for resizing, you still want to take a few pictures of the ring yourself before it leaves your hand. 

If your ring is an heirloom, has a unique stone or setting, or if it has a unique design that you do not want to be damaged or changed, take a picture (or several) of your ring before handing it over to the store clerk for resizing. 

While this step may seem a little paranoid, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Pictures with the date and a ruler in the frame for scale could be invaluable if something happened to your ring during the repair. 

Remember to take clear, non-blurry pictures of your ring in a well-lit area. This is especially important if your ring is insured. If you need to make a claim for any damage or loss in the future, having reference pictures of your precious ring on file is a great reference for insurance companies. 

While jewelers will do everything within their power to keep your ring safe, accidents do happen. It’s always best to be prepared with physical evidence rather than rely on memory alone so that you can be appropriately compensated in case of loss or damage. 

Reputation Is Everything

If you do decide to get your ring resized by a professional, it is highly recommended that you take your ring back to the store from which it was purchased. Many times, stores will offer a warranty for resizing or a similar time frame in which you can get your ring resized at a reduced rate. 

If you cannot take it back to the original store, ask friends and family members for recommendations on reputable jewelers in your area. Once you have a good list of jewelers to go to, do a little research on their background. 

Be sure to check your ring’s warranty to make sure that you are not voiding any future potential repairs or inspections by having your ring resized by someone other than the original dealer of purchase. 

If you are going to a jeweler with whom you are unfamiliar, check their online reviews thoroughly. Be on the lookout for accusations of theft or other shady practices.

You want to send your ring to someone who is going to treat it with as much respect as you would treat it yourself. 

Resize Your Ring for Peace of Mind

At the end of the day, you have several options to ensure that your ring stays on your finger and out of harm’s way. You can choose any method that works best for you, be it a short-term or a long-term fix.

Your ring is precious to you and has a lot of sentimental value. If you do decide to get it resized, it’s important to leave it in the hands of a professional, especially if you want it to stay on your hand for years to come. 

Remember that your ring size may change over time. This is normal! So don’t be surprised if a ring you have cherished for years suddenly feels too loose or too tight. 

The best way to get your ring to have the perfect fit is to have it resized by a professional, but temporary fixes will do in a pinch, or if you feel that your change in ring size is only temporary or seasonal.