Moms are everything. They literally make the world go round. They give everything to their children and, as wives, support their significant others through tough times.

So, what do you get for such a special lady?

While jewelry isn’t the only option, a meaningful necklace, bracelet, or ring can really make her face light up.

We’ll point out some timeless classics that the special women in your life will enjoy, but we’ve stepped it up to include some new, modern staples that every woman should have.

10 Meaningful Jewelry Pieces for Mom or Wifey

Let’s dive right in.

Custom Ring

What: Custom rings definitely spark joy for moms and wives alike. Choose your materials, size, and even an inscription that will mean something.

When: Rings are great for any special occasion, but it may mean the most if it’s a wedding anniversary ring or a Mother’s Day gift.

Custom Necklace

What: Custom necklaces come with adjustable lengths and can be flourished with a variety of extras like pendants, disks, filigree, and baubles. For that extra special touch, try getting your children’s names or initials engraved on the disks so mom can be proud and keep her kids close to her heart always.

When: Necklaces are not as common to gift as a ring so this would be an awesome idea for the holidays like Christmas.

Custom Bracelet

What: For a truly unique gift, get your special lady a custom bracelet. She’ll be thrilled knowing it was specially made just for her. And, you can charm it up or give her the 411 on how to do it for herself year after year.

When: These honestly make great gifts any time of the year. If you have kids or grandkids, let the present be from them to your mom or wife. It makes a great birthday gift!

Diamond Studs

What: Diamond studs are a timeless staple that most women want to have. Try and get ethically-sourced diamonds if possible and be sure they’re set properly for longevity.

When: Traditionally, aluminum or tin was the gift given on 10-year anniversaries. Nowadays, though, diamonds are considered the new standard.

Tennis Bracelet

What: Tennis bracelets, like diamond studs, are timeless pieces that almost all of the women in your life will love. It’s really just a bunch of bling-worthy diamonds set in precious metal.

When: This jewelry gift goes off with a bang during anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. If you’re sticking with the modern anniversary gifts, you could give this at your 10-year anniversary as well.

Tassel Earrings

What: Tassel earrings are a fun option. They come in shorter, casual styles, or you can opt for a more elegant set of tassel earrings. They come in various styles also from precious metals only to filigree or gemstone filled wonders.

When: Try giving this to mom or your wife on her birthday. It can also be a great gift for a surprise. No holiday required.

Pearl Earrings

What: Pearls are everything. If you want a pair of pearl earrings for everyday wear that looks great, make sure to get cultured pearls. Natural pearls have an irregular shape and can be really cool if your mom or wife is into unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.

When: These are now the traditional pieces to give on 3-year, 12-year, and 30-year anniversaries, but they also make great birthday surprises.

Adjustable Necklace

What: Many of us buy necklaces because they just look cool. Well, it’s important to consider adjustable chain necklaces because not only will you be closer to the right size and style for your lady friend or mama, but she can adjust it as needed. 


When: This makes a great gift any time of the year. Mother’s Day is a good one. Be sure to purchase engraved pendants featuring family members’ initials so that she can take them on and off throughout the year.

Sterling Silver Ring

What: Sterling silver rings will have a 92.5 or a .925 mark on them. There are endless styles from signet rings to bands to more adorned pieces featuring birthstones and gems.

When: 25 years is a long time to be married. Celebrate it by giving sterling silver as the traditional option. You can get an inscribed band that will match your wife’s wedding band set.

Solid Gold Necklace

What: Solid gold is not pure gold. Really, it’s gold that’s been mixed in with other metals so the jewelry piece is durable and sturdy.

When: Gold is the color of the 1-year anniversary, so grab a simple yet stylish gold snake chain necklace for your boo. It’s also known as the standard for 14-year and 50-year anniversaries. If it’s for your mama, then a solid gold necklace is a showstopper at the Mother’s Day dinner party.

Watch What You Gift

Mom’s usually love anything that their sons and daughters gift them. It’s just in their blood. Wives may be a little more intimidating to buy for, but we promise you’ll do great with any of the gifts above.

We wanted to give you a little context into what *not* to gift your moms and wives when it comes to jewelry. Generally, there is no wrong jewelry, but you want to consider the quality and materials used for such a precious gift.

Costume Jewelry May Not Work

Listen. We get it. All moms are unique, and you may have one that just looooves crazy and wonky pieces.

But, there’s a downside to getting cheaper, over-the-top costume jewelry. Yes, it may look stunning at a dinner party, but, if you’re not careful, it could look cheap. And we don’t want that.

Costume jewelry also tends to corrode faster, and it can chip, flake, and scratch easily. If there are glued on baubles and filigree, that all may just randomly disappear over time. And, you run the risk of exposing your fave lady to nickel and zinc. Zinc is what causes that green layer to form on your ring finger, and once a person develops a nickel allergy, it doesn’t go away.

Our rule of thumb: stay away from costume jewelry.

Fast Fashion is a No-Go

In the store, you see a set of multiple earrings that really just match your mom’s or wife’s style.

If it’s just a “thank you” gift or perhaps your budget is tight, just be sure to get something that is not metal like plastic pieces or wood. It’ll hopefully stay together longer and won’t look so banged up.

You’ll find lots of cheap metal that have been barely layered with silver and gold-like substances. If you can, shoot for precious metals only, and only buy from a trusted dealer.

And, fast fashion is just bad news for the environment.

You’ve Got This

Don’t give up. If you’re still struggling, you may just need to browse for a bit to spark an idea--checking out our Top Picks is always a good place to start!.

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Celebrate that special lady. She deserves it.