Here are the best gifts to get for newlywed couples.

Most engaged couples sign up to registries for gifts. It makes things less of a hassle for everyone, and many younger couples are in need of so many essentials that pots, pans, and other random housewares are the most sensible things you can give. 

But if you’re looking to stand out from the pack, there are plenty of options. It requires a little more thought—and an understanding of your relationship with a couple—but these gifts can show how much you care about the happy union.

Wedding Gifts That Are Unique

Let’s dive right in so you can get the gift before the wedding date gets any closer!

1. A Couples Journal

If you’re young and engaged for the first time, you might not realize how elusive memories can be. They tend to fade away the older we get—and when they are directly in our grasp, we often don’t have the time to really treasure or reflect on them. 

And the first years of your marriage are something that you want to remember forever. That’s what makes a couples journal such a great choice. It’s a thoughtful gift through and through, but it’s also an essential and understated tool for a happy relationship in the long term. Couples that engage together emotionally and are willing to regularly unpack their thoughts are preparing themselves for a healthier and more stable marriage throughout the years.

You’ll definitely get a thank you from the happy couple for this different wedding gift.

2. A Wine Subscription Box

The first few months of a marriage are a time when some of your most important memories are formed. However building a home, and a life together can be stressful. 

With a wine subscription, the happy couple will have bottles of wine delivered to their door every month, so they can taste a whole variety of different blends and regional flavors. There are a lot of wine delivery boxes on the market today, but most offer a decent amount of variety. Just make sure you know whether the couple prefers white or red!

3. Matching Headphones

Okay. Hear us out (pun intended).

A good couple feels complete when they’re together, even when neither of them is saying a word. Matching headphones offer a cute gift that provides something for both the groom and the bride. 

Whether they’re looking to share their favorite songs with one another or they’re listening to their own tunes on a morning jog, you can find headphones that are tailored to their unique lifestyles. You can find everything from lightweight earbuds for the gym to serious audiophile equipment for the serious music lovers out there. 

If you want to make your gift extra practical, considering investing in a pair of headphones that offer active noise-canceling technology.

4. Signet Rings

Want a super-special gift for your BFF and his or her new life partner?

The history of signet rings is rooted in the history of the rich and the royal. The signets on the rings were once used as a personal or family seal, both as a means of identification and a way to flaunt your prestige. Today, the meaning behind signet rings tends to be personal. But if there’s any day of the year that a couple deserves to feel like royalty, it’s at their wedding.

Jewelers like Rellery are keeping the old tradition of signet rings alive with more modernized approaches to the signet. You’ll find a variety of different signets to choose from—and if you want to go that extra step above, you can always get the rings engraved with the names or initials of the couple. Rellery signet rings can be engraved with up to three lines of text which leaves lots of room for thoughtful engravings.

In fact, any number of jewelry can be engraved and presented as matching gifts at a wedding as a thoughtful gift. Treat them like royalty on their special day.

5. Spa Certificates

While gift cards are often seen as a lazy alternative to a more thoughtful present, few couples are going to scorn you for it when there are massages involved. 

You can order spa certificates for their hometown or even surprise them with an appointment at their exotic honeymoon destination. And there are options available at a number of different price points, so you can find a certificate that fits within your budget regardless of what that budget happens to be.

There’s nothing wrong with a relaxing day with your boo. They’ll appreciate this unique wedding gift.

6. A Cheese Board

Um...who doesn’t love high-quality pieces for the kitchen?

A charcuterie platter is really just an especially fancy grown-up take on Lunchables, but it’s become something of a shorthand for elegance and adulthood. 

And while a cheese board may not be the most sensible addition for the kitchen, it’s going to be a very useful gift to have when it comes time to hosting dinner parties. A high-quality cheeseboard can be a status symbol, and it will also let the couple know that you’re excited to watch them journey into the next phase of their lives together.

7. Zodiac Pendants

While there are certainly skeptics of how precise science astrology really is, there’s no doubt that it’s one of the most popular forms we have for predicting how current and potential relationships will turn out. And, we all appreciate a good love prediction that works out so well you attend the wedding!

That’s what makes these zodiac-themed necklaces from Rellery such a playful and on-point choice. Lovingly etched with individual symbols of the zodiac, these necklaces will show both members of the couple that you’re thinking of them.

8. Drinking Glasses

It’s not uncommon for a couple to have a drawer composed of a mish-mash of inherited cups and glasses, but a wedding provides the perfect opportunity to upgrade the kitchen cabinets and create some sense of continuity in your home and your relationship. 

The variety of drinking glasses you can find also means that you can find versions that reflect the personality of the couple—and remind them of you whenever they see them. For the more creative guests out there, you can even decorate glasses to create a truly one-of-a-kind gift for the happy couple. Who doesn’t love a matching set of couple’s mugs?

They’ll probably think of you every day when they drink from their new favorite glasses.

9. Jewelry Holders

We all need at least one of these!

Those beautiful engagement and wedding rings are going to have to go somewhere when the couple takes them off, and chances are that they’ll want to show them off as much as possible. 

There are tons of creative ring holders that are focused on properly presenting his and hers rings. But if you want to focus your attention primarily on the bride, you may want to look into a more traditional jewelry rack or box. At the very least, it will help keep everything in their new home neat and tidy and make it easy to travel with jewelry.

10. Self Care Kits

Everyone deserves to pamper themselves, and a thoughtfully designed self-care kit can remind both members of the partnership that their health and self-care should always be a priority. 

You’ll find any number of pre-made options available, but you can also get creative and go your own way with it. Packing up a gift basket filled with items tailored to both of them can mean so much more than something just ordered online.

You’ll spoil the newlyweds, and they’ll appreciate this unique gift on their wedding day or at the rehearsal dinner.

11. Charitable Contributions

Chances are that once the vows have been said and the new couple has packed up the gift boxes and unpacked them at their home, a good portion of those gifts will just spend years gathering dust. But if you give the gift of a charitable contribution under the names of the couple, you don’t have to worry about a single cent going to waste. 

Just take care to make sure that the charities you decide to donate to align with the values of the couple. And the financial flexibility of donations makes it an especially sensible choice for guests who are working within the constraints of a tighter budget.

Giving this kind of gift will definitely spark joy for your sweet and caring friends getting married.

12. Passport Cases

Is the oh-so-adorable couple traveling far for their honeymoon?

Mark this as an option that’s personalized, practical, and very affordable. It’s also one that makes a whole lot of sense if they’re leaving the wedding party and then heading overseas for a honeymoon. 

A passport case isn’t the type of thing you think about every day, so it’s fairly unlikely that the couple will already have or receive some at the wedding party. And there are passport cases reflective of just about anyone’s personality. For an extra dash of personalization, consider going ahead and having the passport cases monogrammed. Perfect for your favorite jet setting couple.

13. An Air Fryer

There are an absurd amount of kitchen gadgets on the market, and countless more being released every year. They’re so commonly given as a gift that it’s become a gag that’s played to death. But air fryers serve as a notable exception. 

Their main appeal is that they can serve a number of versatile purposes while taking up little space, and they aren’t nearly as unhealthy as their name would suggest. If you want to get the couple a useful appliance for their wedding day, an air fryer is the one appliance to rule them all.

Gifts as Unique as the Newlyweds

There comes a certain age when it can seem like you’re committed to a wedding every single weekend. That doesn’t have to be a cause for stress. 

There are plenty of gift ideas out there, and we’re confident that one of ours can be tailored to suit the needs of the wedding party. And that’s true whether you’re attending the wedding of your best childhood friend or a work colleague that you barely know.