Meaningful jewelry
made to carry your story

Our Story

We are jewelry crafters out to bring you a more personal approach to jewelry. We lovecraft personalized, modern pieces sold right to you — so you get high quality (that’s supercute!) while avoiding ridiculous markups.

Personal symbols.
Not status symbols.

We think the jewelry you wear should say something about you — not some pretentious brand out to charge you an arm and a leg. We create deeply meaningful pieces that you can personalize and make your own, right down to the font and alignment (options, baby!). So you can tell your story and symbolize what matters to you.

Modern made easy

Our look is minimal with a modern twist. Everyday icons that you’ll want to wear often and keep always. Our effortless eCommerce experience makes it super easy to find and personalize a super cute piece — you can even preview your engraving instantly before buying. We ship quick too (hint, hint...birthdays, Mother’s Day...Random Act of Kindness Day) so last minute doesn’t have to mean lame.

Made for you,
right to you

Forget snooty sales people and jewelry that’s been marked up 100%. We axed the middleman (he had it coming), selling right to you. So you get high quality at a crazy good value. All our jewelry is handcrafted with a whole lot of care by skilled artisans right in our own studio, using superior materials sources in the USA — so we know where it’s been and who touches it. We are font freaks and engraving gurus, hell-bent on making meaningful stuff that looks cool and reads clear. We love what we do and want you to love the jewels of our labor.

we believe

Uniqueness is next to awesomeness

Our lives might be fast-paced but they don’t have to be faceless

Online “likes” don’t feel as good as liking what you can touch

Making objects people value should always be a modern value

And that which is personal should be adorable

The perfect piece starts with perfected parts

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