Promise Ring

What does a promise ring symbolize? Why, love, of course!

There are various styles, meanings, and ways to give a promise ring, and they’re not limited to romantic couples anymore. Don’t forget that your bestie loves gifts, too.

Either way you go, there’s a promise ring out there that shows others just how much you care.

History of the Promise Ring

Posy rings were the ancestors of promise rings. Men frequently gifted posy rings to their love interests during the Middle Ages.

These cute and meaningful rings were emblazoned with poetic lines that made hearts swoon and signified the promise of eternal love.

Later on, the acrostic ring rose to significance for Romeo and Juliet types. Lovey-dovey secret messages could be hidden in different ways. One way was to set gemstones into the promise ring, and the first letter of each gemstone would spell out something cheesy like “love.”

Nowadays, promise rings can mean a variety of things from love to friendship to a commitment to an idea. The options are limitless.

What is a Promise Ring?

One consistency to the history of promise rings has been their meaning. When a lad wanted to lock down a lass, he’d buy her a promise ring. It meant the love was real and represented the unbreakable commitment to a longer-term venture with your partner. In other words, no wedding ring just yet, but no side-maidens either. 

And, today, it pretty much means the same thing. Today’s promise rings, just like before, can still provide uniqueness in each relationship, but we all know what ties us together is the love we have and express toward each other.

It’s also pretty common that promise rings mean a serious commitment to relationship-building. While it may not signify the beginning of an engagement, it does represent the beginning of something serious. 

If you’ve dated someone in the military or a person who travels extensively for work, you know what it’s like to miss someone so dearly. The heart wants what it wants, you know?

Promise rings can be special mementos that make you feel like you’re that much closer to your lover. When text messages and video chats aren’t a possibility, you can look down on your promise ring and smile. Your promise ring may evoke memories of you two walking hand-in-hand at the park, or it can symbolize that amazing home dinner where your significant other treated you to the promise ring in the first place.

How sweet, right?

You can wear a promise ring on any finger! Some people like to wear them like engagement rings as a placeholder. Other couples wear them on chains around their necks.

Then, when you are engaged or married, simply plop the promise ring onto your right-hand ring finger and voila! You’re now covered in symbols of love and devotion.

Different Types of Promise Rings

Don’t limit yourself when it comes to choosing a promise ring style. You’ll want to get one or a set that represents your unique relationship as well as the style of the wearer. It can be fun to even have similar motifs or styles and then finish them off with unique designs or finishes to keep a little bit of individuality between a pair of promise rings.

Different types of promise rings to consider include:

  • Minimalist - Whether it’s a signet ring or a band, a minimal-style promise ring can stand for clarity and a simple love that doesn’t need a lot of words to describe it. You can simply get a pair with interlocking hearts on them.
  • Monogrammed - An easy and reliable design, try getting two separate rings, each inscribed with the others’ initials. Then, your partner will wear your initials and vice versa for a cute little design.
  • Symbols - Did you first kiss him on a bridge? Or even funnier, did you spill a glass of wine on someone only to end up dating them? Whatever your story, a unique promise ring can hold a symbol only the two of you will understand. It makes for great storytelling, too.

These aren’t your only choices. You're only limited by your imagination!

Promise Rings: What Materials Are Best?

Promise rings are meant to last for a long time. So, what type of promise ring should you get?

Well, just like with any other jewelry you purchase, you’ll need to consider the materials of construction and how it is made.

Band Ring

Sterling silver promise rings are always fashionable. And, their bright luster catches the eyes of your coworkers and friends.

If you’re more into gold, look for promise rings that are 10-karat gold or higher. You can also find high-quality gold vermeil promise rings (basically, gold is thickly layered on sterling silver). You’ll want to invest in your promise rings since that’s the meaning of the rings themselves—investment in something special.

Also, consider your lifestyle and activities. Promise rings are usually meant to be worn daily. If you’re afraid of scuffing and scratches, you will need to secure a promise ring made of a stronger metal or alloy. 

And, if you get a promise ring with gemstones, be careful. You don’t want them to be knocked loose. Try wearing a gemstone promise ring around your neck on a smooth band for a little more natural protection.

Stay away from quarter-machine promise rings (literally and figuratively). Many cheaper rings in this vein are not meant to last and could bring heartbreak to your special person. You also definitely don’t want to stain your partner’s fingers green from a cheap knockoff!

How to Give a Promise Ring

Don’t let gender roles or history confuse you, and, don’t let the media define how you give a promise ring to someone either.

Naturally, promise rings seem best as a gift on special occasions, holidays, and dating anniversaries. It’s an awesome feeling to see your partner’s eyes light up when they discover a handcrafted promise ring tucked under the tree.

You may want to discuss getting a promise ring with your partner before presenting it. If you don’t, you may end up with mixed signals and hurt feelings. Some people forget about this part and end up having to backtrack what was thought to be an engagement proposal. Eek!

A good way to avoid this is to bundle your promise ring in with theirs. That way, when it’s opened, you can explain the meaning and enjoy the moment where you put them on together. *cue heartwarming music*

Pinky Ring

Pinky Promise Rings

Is there any meaning to wearing a ring on your pinky fingers?

Well, yes!

Pinky finger rings traditionally represent family and status, and it can still mean that today. While you’ll see signet rings everywhere, any style of ring can be a promise ring.

Remember those tacky but fun BEST FRIENDS half-heart necklaces you used to buy? Now, promise rings aren’t just for significant others. You can get a pinky promise ring for your BFF and you to wear. Tell the world how much your bestie means to you!

Heck, you could even go as far as acquiring a signet ring that has a pinky promise etched into the ring for ultimate cuteness.

Pinky promise rings make amazing, meaningful gifts. They would also look super cute with different nail designs. Whether it’s a birthday gift or a special holiday, getting your forever friend a pinky promise ring will blow them out of the water with surprise and heartfelt gratitude.

So, don’t limit yourself when it comes to what a “promise” ring means.

Promise Rings for Promising Relationships

You’ll feel closer to your special someone looking down at your promise ring. And, you’ll be reminded of all the good memories you have had and will have.

While it may sound a little cheesy, promise rings are actually a lot of fun. Just be sure to seek out a high-quality ring maker so you don’t blow it with the beau.

So, show your partner you’re committed. Or, surprise your bestie with a thoughtful pinky promise ring.

You’ll thank us later when you watch their faces light up with such a special gift.