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If you’re getting a custom necklace or bracelet, consider what types of pendants, charms, and disks you want. One cool idea is to get a sunflower necklace pendant and, for every child or sibling, tack on a disk with their initials. We promise mom will love it. Or, make it a tradition and get yourself a charm every year that sums up parts of your life. It’ll be cute, we swear!Continue Reading

What does a promise ring symbolize? Why, love, of course!

There are various styles, meanings, and ways to give a promise ring, and they’re not limited to romantic couples anymore. Don’t forget that your bestie loves gifts, too.

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The anatomy of signet rings is pretty simple: you have the shank, or band; the bezel, which is the shaped segment that holds the signet; and, a signet, a symbol or design emblazoned onto the bezel.

And, it is typical to find signet rings in a basic format: a band that has a prominent, etched bezel.

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So, how do you untangle necklaces? No worries. We’ve got you!

For this easy untangling method, you’ll need the necklaces, a gentle oil, and something thin and sharp (like a needle). Also, this method works for one necklace or multiple necklaces.

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 Gold jewelry has become more popular and widespread in recent years. The market is saturated with so many options that it can be hard to figure out what’s worth purchasing. Well, we’re here with your full guide to gold vermeil. We’re laying out all the pros and cons for you below.

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