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There are several ways to determine if your jewelry is solid gold or simply gold plated, ranging from a simple inspection of your jewelry to more destructive tests that are done by a jeweler. Ultimately, the value of your jewelry is determined by its sentimental value regardless of its gold content. Continue Reading
Your mother is an important part of your life, and you want to give her a unique gift that she’ll cherish for years to come. These gifts are personal, thoughtful, and will surely impress the most important woman in your life: Mom! Continue Reading
Dainty jewelry is delicately small and pretty. The best way to wear dainty jewelry is to stack or layer it. You definitely don’t want to stack or layer too many pieces together, as that will definitely defeat the purpose of the dainty look.Continue Reading
Do you know someone expecting their first bundle of joy? Amongst all the excitement of the upcoming birth and new member of the family, there are lots of things to plan and get ready for, especially for the new mother and her baby. While everyone else may be getting her such necessities, like diapers, bedding, or toys,Continue Reading
Congratulations, you’re getting hitched! We are so excited about your upcoming nuptials, and we’re sure you have a lot of planning to do, from ordering the cake, squaring away the venue, saying yes to the dress, and everything else that falls in between. Planning a wedding can be a stressful but exciting time in your lContinue Reading
You’re expecting a new bundle of joy and can’t wait to tell your friends and family about whether it’s a boy or girl. You’re probably getting pestered from all sides of the family who want to know whether to get pink or blue for the new arrival. Since gender reveal parties are becoming extremely popular, long gone areContinue Reading
Minimalist jewelry is all the rage for those looking to add subtle pieces to their jewelry collection. By wearing minimalist jewelry, you can add a classic touch of style to your overall look that is sophisticated and elegant. This type of jewelry is also referred to as “barely-there jewelry” or “naked jewelry” becauseContinue Reading
With the holidays quickly approaching, especially Christmas, you may be ahead of the game already by planning on which gifts to give to who this year. It can be a daunting task for some, finding that perfect present for Christmas, especially for someone as special as your mom. Your mom undoubtedly deserves the world, aContinue Reading
All the best things about personalized bracelets are exemplified in the charm bracelet. Your nostalgic throwback bracelet is a perfect fit for your busy schedule. Coming in an array of styles ranging from dainty gold charms to chunky statement pieces a charm bracelet can match anyone’s personal style.Continue Reading
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